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We carry out consultations with customers throughout the year - most notably when we're planning the budget and want to know your views on where we should be allocating resources.

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  • Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO)

    Chorley Council has launched a consultation on the introduction of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) for the Town Centre and Coppull.  The PSPO is a new power that will replace the  Designated Public Places Order (DPPO)creating more flexibility within the Order so that ASB can be tackled more effectively.

    The DPPO’s are due to expire in 2017  under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.   We want to know your response to the new Orders so that we can work together and make Chorley a safer place to live.  

    The consultation will run over a 11 week period from Monday3rd July- Wednesday 13th September 2017 and It will take no more than 2 minutes to complete the Town Centre Survey and Coppull Survey.

    You can view/download the PSPO’s and Maps for Chorley Town Centre and Coppull from the Download it section of the page.​

    Thank you for taking your time to complete the survey.
    Paper copies of the survey will also be available on request by contacting Rachel Austen and Irene Elwell 01257 515151.