Your guide to council tax

Residents will start to receive their council tax bills during March and here we have some useful information so you can see where we spend your money.

As you will know we are increasing council tax by two per cent and making significant changes to some of your services so we thought it was important to explain the reasons why. 

We have been facing huge reductions in our grant funding – more than £3 million will have been cut from our government grant by 2020 – and now Lancashire County Council is pulling our £1million per year recycling subsidy because of the cuts they are receiving from Central Government.

Despite all that we’ve been able to freeze council tax for 7 years and have invested more than £12 million in the borough which has helped us to attract inward investment creating new jobs for local people, enabled us to regenerate the town centre with a cinema and new shops as part of the Market Walk extension and improving neighbourhoods right across the borough. 

Not only that we have stepped in to save services that have been cut by the county council such as libraries in Adlington, Coppull and Eccleston, and we have funded bus routes to ensure our communities remain connected by public transport.

We have been able to do all this because we have continued to make savings – £4.5 million  since 2012 and we’ve been introducing income generation schemes such as the Market Walk extension. After all repayments have been made it generates £1 million per income each year, which is a significant amount, and that will increase once the extension is built.

To maintain all the good work that has been done we need to continue planning for the future so we have decided to increase council tax by two per cent – that’s the equivalent of 7p per week for an average Band D property. 

What we do really value is your input as to how we can improve the services we provide and how we can do things differently to ensure we are able to maintain all our services in a time of unprecedented change for local government. We think the reorganisation of local government structures is essential to make it easier for residents to understand who is responsible for what and to make things more locally accountable. But we also need your ideas and suggestions as we are providing these services for you. 
A breakdown of council tax charges for 2017/18 is available to download.

You can find out more about how the council spends its money on the council spending page.

More information on the Council's constitution and structure can be found on our information page.