Get Involved and Get Active in Your community

The Health and Wellbeing Team focus on engaging people of all ages to lead more healthy and active lifestyles and creating ways for residents to feel supported and empowered to live well and feel engaged in their community. Services that are provided or supported by our team range from creating opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to be active, to supporting communities to be able to identify and meet needs or gaps in wellbeing activities by taking positive action to initiate change, creating and maintaining safe and pleasant living environments.
More than anything we want residents to feel involved in contributing to health and wellbeing services in Chorley, and encourage you to have your say and be part of the work we do to develop these services by speaking to us collectively or individually and taking part in community discussions. If you want to share your thoughts on health and wellbeing activity and services in Chorley you can email us at:

Please use the drop down menus below to find out more about the work we do. 
  • Young People's Activities

    Get Up and Go

    Our team run sports, play and craft activities during school holidays to encourage children to stay active, socialise and beat the holiday boredom. Timetables will be posted here for each holiday, and you can book your place by visiting or by calling 01257 515151

    The poster for the most recent sessions can be downloaded from the 'Download it' section of the page.

    Reach Up and Go
    The Health and Wellbeing team have been providing activities for children and young people in Chorley with disabilities for 10 years, and have this year secured increased funding from Lancashire County Council’s Breaktime.

    £14,000 will be used to provide respite care and continue to provide a diverse range of activities. These include weekly, monthly, term-time and during school holidays up until the end of summer 2017. Activities consist of a weekly chill out session, where children learn to play, interact and socialise together, as well as days out to Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool Zoo, bowling, the cinema and outdoor adventure at the Anderton Centre in Rivington. These sessions give children the opportunity to access activities in small groups in addition to providing the children with increased staffing support. Parents of many of our Reach up and Go attendees have said that these sessions are invaluable as it provides parents time with other children and family members.

    For more information about our regular Reach Up and Go sessions please contact or Kay Unsworth on 01257 515151.



    Primary Schools Sports Competitions

    Our hugely successful annual programme of sporting events is co-ordinated for Chorley Primary school children to represent their school against others in the borough in a wide range of sports. We endeavour to provide a range of support for schools to enable their participation, including transport, equipment, suitable locations, reasonable costs, etc. We work with national governing bodies of sport, local sports clubs and local high schools to offer great quality events, taster sessions and a strong exit routes into local sports clubs.

    Our programme of competitions for 2016/17 has finished now; watch this space for next year’s events! To be added to the mailing list please e-mail or call the team on 01257 515151


    We run a range of sport, fun games, and arts and craft activities delivered weekly at a range of venues across the borough including community centres, parks and multi-use areas. There are different sessions aimed at the young residents of Chorley aged 4-25 years old encouraging engagement in activities that promote health, wellbeing and making positive choices within their community.

    Some of the activities we include are tri-golf, table tennis, snooker, handball, dodgeball, football, martial arts, rounders, boxing and sumo wrestling. Please see below our current timetable for these sessions:

    ​Monday Tuesday​ Wednesday​ Thursday​ Friday​
    ​Street Games

    Buttermere Green

    5 - 6:30 PM

    Children of all ages

    A range of different sports

    Connected Vision Youth Club

    Clayton Green Community Centre

    5:30 - 7:00 PM 
    Ages 7-12

    7:00 - 8:30PM
    ages 12+

    Fun, games, music, food, arts, crafts and friends


    Springfield Park, Coppull

    5:00 - 7:00 PM

    Ages 10-18

    A variety of sports, game and activites

    For more information please contact or call the health and wellbeing team on 01257 515151

  • Adult's Activities

    Chorley Council have established a number of projects and activities to support adults in leading healthy and active lives, as well as supporting clubs and groups that work hard to achieve this. The following are some of our most popular activities across the borough:

    Couch to 5k
    This nine week program is designed to help adults who have done little to no exercise for some time. Volunteers from the first group have now established their own running club, ‘Chorley Runners’ with 2 subgroups that cater for those who have graduated from the programme and wish to continue running and challenge themselves further, with the maintenance group running up to 5k at a moderate pace, and their progression group run anything from 7-10k routes with a slightly quicker pace. Both groups warmly welcome new members, regularly re-group throughout the run and don’t ever leave anyone behind. For further information, please visit their website or their Facebook pages:

    Back to Rounders
    Chorley Council are supporting a rounders league that is running from May – August 2017 on a Friday evening. In addition to the league there will be four social tournaments with a focus on fun, with music and a BBQ!

    If you would like to register a team, then please get in touch by emailing us at

    There is also a Facebook page where fixtures and news are posted:

    Health Walks
    Find your Feet is our walking for health scheme, with regular walks across Chorley Borough catering for all levels of ability. The walks are led by volunteer leaders, and they are very welcoming of new members. The walks are incredibly popular and well attended, and often will end at a local café where walks like to socialise and enjoy some refreshments.
    For up to date information about the walks available please visit the website below:​

    Clayton Active Women
    From Monday 2nd October we will be running an acticvity programme for eight weeks to encourage exercise in young females aged between 16 and 24 within the Clayton Area. For more information please see the flyer available from the 'download it' section of the webpage or call us on 01257 515151​.

    Walking Football
    New but very popular activity suitable for almost all ages and fitness levels

    Players wanted for this fun, low intensity, session which promotes the benefits to health through light exercise and social interaction. Following up on an enquiry from a Chorley resident, the Health & Wellbeing Team at Chorley Council have collaborated with Active Nation UK and Chorley FC Community Trust to make this activity available to everyone.

    First the group is taken through a light warm up before splitting into teams for multiple short matches of around 10 minutes duration. The session is finished with a gentle warm down and an optional brew in the on-site café.

    There’s lots of teams nearby and even leagues that the group can enter, should they wish to in the future, but for now the focus is on fun.

    Residents with concerns about their health are advised to check with their GP before attending.
    All Seasons Leisure Centre (Active Nation)
    Water St 
    PR7 1EX
    Available to everyone.
    Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:30AM & 11:30 - 12:30PM
    £1.00 each week

    If you require any further information about other adult sports or activities in the borough please contact us directly using the links at the top of the page

  • Community and Sports Club Support and Development
    The team will offer the following group development advice and support with:

     • Group Start Up - How to start a group; how to draft the required and relevant policy and governance documents such as Constitutions (aims and objectives of group, group membership, bank accounts, equal opportunities, codes of conduct etc).
     • Group Meetings – How to draft agendas; how to plan, organise and facilitate meetings including Annual General Meetings (AGM); how to record meetings and distribute to group.
     • Activity, Project and Event Planning and Delivery – How to consult with the community; how to draft action and plan projects to enable the safe delivery of activities and events; how to conduct health and safety and risk assessments and understanding their importance; how to evaluate activities, projects and events.
     • Funding - Providing regular updates on relevant funding opportunities for projects and activities; how to apply for funding, advice with criteria and what information is needed for applications; appraisal of applications before submission to funders. You can find a comprehensive list of funding opportunities on our Grants and Funding resource:​
    Remember to keep an eye on our ‘What’s On’ page for the regular free training courses we run to support sports clubs and community groups or sign up to our mailing list by emailing

  • Neighbourhood and Community Initiatives

    Chorley Council is committed to working with residents to facilitate and support them to meet their needs and fulfil their aspirations. We aim to support groups and individuals to create and develop community groups such as:
    • Peer support
    • Physical activity
    • Social groups
    • Environmental groups

    The objective is to enable and empower the community to take the lead in creating these groups. Experience shows that groups and services run by the people who live in their area and have experience and local knowledge, often generate the best outcomes. This helps to create a strong and well connected community.

    We work closely with partners who are connected with individuals and families in the community, to ensure that gaps and needs are identified and methods used to best support and meet those needs.
    The support we can provide for groups or individuals includes:
    • Writing funding applications
    • Planning and running community events
    • Linking with nationwide campaigns
    • Earning or using time credits
    • Forming groups or networks

    For more information or advice please contact the Health and Wellbeing team on 01257 515151 or

  • Volunteering and Time Credits

    Make a difference

    On The Ladder was created to support people in making a difference in their local community through volunteering. The programme currently facilitates this is the following ways:
    For young people (16-24 years old) wishing to make a difference and gain valuable work experience, we have developed the On the Ladder volunteering programme. This opportunity gives volunteers the chance to take part in the many diverse community projects we run, led by an experienced member of our team and making a difference in the heart of Chorley’s communities. The programme also offers volunteers the opportunity to attend training courses aimed at developing crucial abilities and understanding that will be valuable additions to your skillset. All volunteers will also be rewarded with one Time Credit for each hour given in service of their community. You can find out more information about Time Credits below.
    On the Ladder also aims to provide support and assistance for those volunteers already working in community groups and clubs that provide such valuable services and activities for Chorley’s residents. This currently includes training courses in all areas of group development, networking events, advice, and access to useful resources. It is our aim to contribute to the continuous development of community-led activities, in a way that is both meaningful and right for them. If you volunteer in a community group or club we would love to hear your feedback on how we can do this as successfully as possible.
    Finally, if you are an individual looking to become actively involved in supporting and improving the wellbeing of Chorley’s residents, but unsure where to start, we will work together to match your skills, interests and passions with existing opportunities, or endeavour to empower you to provide support, services or activities that you have identified as needed within your community.

    Remember to keep an eye on our ‘What’s On’ page for the regular free training courses we run to support sports clubs and community groups or sign up to our mailing list by emailing

    Time Credits

    What are Time Credits?

    Time Credits are a ‘thank you’ for the time you have spent volunteering, making active contributions within organisations that are part of the Time Credit network for the benefit of our community. One Time Credit is earnt for each hour you volunteer, everyone’s time is equally valued, and credits can be spent on a wide range of activities and services within Chorley Borough, and at many other venues across the UK.

    Community groups and clubs can provide opportunities for volunteers within their organisations, as well as ways for people to spend their credits with them. This is a great chance for groups and clubs to engage with a wider audience of volunteers; harnessing their skills, knowledge and views and enabling them to pursue news ways to increase participation within the local community. Groups also have the opportunity to increase participation by offering their services in return for one or more Time Credits, reaching our sizeable and ever-growing team of volunteers.
    You can find out more information about where you can earn and spend time credits here:​

    If you would like any more information about volunteering, how to earn Time Credits or how your community group or club can join the Time Credits network please get in touch by emailing

  • Community Centres and Leisure Facilities

    The service manages six community centres, and also works in partnership with voluntary and resident groups to run facilities in their area. The focus is to ensure these community assets offer activities and services which are most needed in the surrounding locality.
    Please note: For all bookings please use the booking enquiry form which can be found by clicking 'apply for it' from our main page.

    Please find below details of the community centres we manage:

    Astley Village Community Centre
    Astley Village
    PR7 1XA

    Buttermere Community Centre
    Buttermere Avenue
    PR7 2JG
    Clayton Brook Village Hall
    Bamber Bridge
    PR5 8HL

    Eaves Green Community Centre
    35 Cottage Fields
    PR7 3QE

    Lancaster Way Community Centre
    Lancaster Way (off Ordinance Rd)
    Buckshaw Village
    PR7 7GA

    Tatton Community Centre
    Silverdale Road
    PR6 0PR

    Please read and understand our Terms & Conditions prior to confirmation of your booking to ensure compliance of Community Centre policies and procedures. You can find them in our Download It section to the right on this webpage.