24 March 2017

Opt in window for continuous collections ends in March

Residents wanting to continue receiving garden waste collections in Chorley are being urged to join the thousands who have already done so and sign up for the new scheme.​

The new opt in service, a response to huge cuts in Government grant, has seen a surge of interest and residents are being reminded they need to sign up by Friday 31 March to ensure they receive continuous collections.

More than 13,000 households have signed up to the scheme with hundreds visiting the website or calling the council on a daily basis.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council, said: “Although we appreciate people don’t want to have to pay for the service residents have been very understanding of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

“As with anything like this people will put it off or be busy with other things but I just wanted to remind people that if you want to receive a continuous garden waste collection then you need to sign up by Friday 31 March.

“The reason we have this cut-off date is that we have to work out the new rounds for collections and deliver the new grey bins – you can opt in at anytime after this date but you risk missing out on some collections.

“We’d encourage people to opt in online as it is quicker and cheaper for us to process but we know not everyone has access to the internet so people can call us on 01257 515355.”

Every household will have received information about the changes and from 1 May this will mean:

Everyone opting in to the scheme will receive a new grey bin for garden waste and this will be emptied every fortnight
For properties with brown bins these will be used for collecting paper and cardboard mixed together
The green boxes and black pods will be scrapped – if you don’t already have a brown bin you will be able to request one later in the year and will continue using the box and pod in the meantime
The paper and cardboard collections will move to every four weeks 
Collections for the green bin (general household waste) and blue bins (plastic bottles, glass and cans) will remain the same

“We expect to be busy in the final week of March with people opting in so why not do it now and make sure you will continue to receive garden waste collections rather than risk forgetting about it,” said Councillor Bradley.

“Introducing the charge wasn’t something we wanted to do but this is the effect of years of cuts to local Government hitting home. We have been able to maintain all our services and step in to save others such as libraries and bus routes but the cumulative effect of the cuts on ourselves and the county council have meant we’ve had to think long and hard about how we fund services.

“If you don’t want to opt in to the scheme then you can compost at home, take your garden waste to the tip or consider sharing a bin with a neighbour to split the cost.”

Full details of all the waste collection changes are available here​.