16 July 2018

Updates on Winter Hill fire

Firefighters have been tackling a blaze on moorland at Winter Hill since Thursday 28 June and here’s an update on the latest information.​​​

They made good progress in getting the blaze under control and the latest update from the fire service can be found here.

The advice for residents and people thinking of going up to have a look is to stay away as people travelling up towards Rivington have been hampering the emergency services and putting lives at unnecessary risk.

All roads have now been re-opened but the footpaths and bridleways remain closed - this is because crews are still working on hotpsots on the hill.

Offers of supplies

We know people have been wanting to drop off supplies such as isotonic drinks for the firefighters – they have been overwhelmed with offers and don't need anything else at this time.

Do not go up Rivington while the fire is being put out

We know that Rivington is a popular visitor destination - while the fires are being tackled people are being advised not to go up there. People going up and taking a look have hampered the operation and created unnecessary risks. If you are looking for somehwere else to visit in the area go to checkoutchorley.com​ for ideas for days out.

Preventing wildfires

​During the hot, dry weather it is realyl important that everyone does all they can to prevent wildfires starting - here are some useful tips from Lancashire Fire and Rescue service.

Health advice

Now the smoke is reducing, we hope you can enjoy your usual outdoor activities in areas where there is no visible smoke, but whilst fire fighting continues and weather conditions vary there may still be times of poor air quality - so remember to continue to minimise your exposure to any smoke and keep any medication with you.

Updates on social media

For the latest updates we’d recommend checking the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Twitter and Facebook pages or you can keep an eye on our pages on Twitter @ChorleyCouncil and by searching Chorley Council on Facebook.