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1498 Food and Beverage area (Supplementary Regulations)

These supplementary regulations are in addition to those contained within the full Market Regulations.

1.     Diverse food range on Offer

In this area of the market there will only be one single cuisine type permitted per unit frontage. Market Management will not allow another business to sell the same type of cuisine in order to keep a diverse offer to the customers.

2.     Quality, fresh homemade food cooked on site

We expect traders;

  • to always favour fresh, handmade and homemade food.
  • to offer healthy and ethical (eg vegan) options
  • to have fair prices and value

3.     Shop Local

We encourage our traders to source as much of their produce as locally as possible. Buying locally will help to reduce the carbon footprint as well as strengthening the local economy.

4.     Opening times

Unless instructed otherwise by market management, the market must be open for the public to make purchases between 10am and 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesdays the market is closed for cleaning and maintenance.

Access to the market will be available from 7am and the market must be vacated to close by 5.45pm.

5.     Late /Evening Openings

For events such as Chorley Live and Christmas Light Switch On, traders will be expected to stay open later for business. Other evening events will be organised throughout the year in consultation with traders within the 1498 area. Extra charges will apply.

6.     Bank Holiday Mondays

The market will remain closed, unless by prior agreement for an extra trading day. Extra charges will apply.

7.     Fees

The 1498 Food and beverage fees will be set alongside other market fees which are reviewed annually.

8.     Payment

All traders will be invoiced on a quarterly basis. Payment must be made on or by 15th  month to avoid late payment fees. Please see Debt Recovery process for all arrears in the Market Regulations.

9.     Trader Registration

All traders on Chorley Markets must comply with all our registration requirements such as providing proof of address and holding valid Public Liability Insurance of at least £5mn.

10. Food Hygiene Rating

We would expect all vendors in this area to operate to the highest standards and any business scoring lower than 3 in a Food Hygiene Inspection must develop and implement an action plan to achieve a higher score on their re-inspection. Failure on the second inspection will constitute a disciplinary offence and may lead to a suspension notice or termination.

11. Sustainability

Here at Chorley market we are committed to recycling as much of our waste generated as possible. To assist us in achieving our aim, we will:

  • provide separate collection containers for cardboard/paper, waste food, glass and general non-recyclable waste in respect of litter from collection bins and traders disposals
  • measure waste of each type via data from the collector and the proportion recycled
  • expect traders to separate their own waste into these categories
  • expect traders to only use recyclable packaging. Eliminating composite packaging where possible.
  • expect trader to use wholesale suppliers who reduce bulk packaging and utilise recyclable containers
  • keep up to date with developments and innovations in packaging and recycling technology through subscriptions to organisations such as WRAP and initiatives such as 'love food hate waste'.
  • expect traders to connect with local charities and community groups and implement a method whereby surplus food generated can be collected or distributed to disadvantaged, unemployed or homeless people affected by food poverty.

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