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Commitment to Chorley's green agenda accelerates

Tree Planting at Carr Brook Linear Park

Chorley residents will have the chance to shape how the borough tackles the impact of climate change as Chorley Council steps up its work in delivering on its promises to look after the environment.

The authority has already delivered a number of improvements and wants residents to do their bit over the next few years with £500,000 set aside to support initiatives that will deliver on its climate change action plan.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of our environment and lockdown has shown how changing habits can have a big influence on things like water and air quality.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council said: "We declared a Climate Emergency in November 2019 and a lot of work has been done since but it's important that we continue and take it to the next level.

"There's a lot more to do which is why we have recently recruited a dedicated officer to drive forward the green agenda. We're also keen to involve residents in the initiatives that we do and get their views on what's important to them."

Shortly after a climate emergency being declared, the council pledged to plant 116k trees by 2025, one for every resident in Chorley borough. Despite the series of tree giveaway events being unable to continue due to the COVID restrictions, tree planting work has progressed significantly.

This week 1000 trees will be planted in Yarrow Meadow, in collaboration with the council's waste contractor, FCC Environment. Areas such as Great Knowley, Astley Park and Chorley town centre have also benefitted from tree planting with plans in place to plant more in areas such as Euxton, Coppull, Chorley and Eaves Green over the next month.

Residents have also been encouraged to get involved by collecting seeds and growing their own saplings at home until a tree planting event can be arranged later this year.

Another key area of focus within the green agenda is the development of the council's Clean Air Strategy, which will work towards identifying areas of Chorley that may need air quality monitoring in the future, working with partner organisations regarding transportation, as well as communication and engagement with Chorley residents to gather their views on the strategy.

More recently, the Council have demonstrated their commitment to the green agenda by recruiting a Climate Change Programme Officer - this dedicated officer will help drive forward the plans for climate emergency action.

The council have also been keen supporters of other Climate Change initiatives, such the Food Waste Action Week, highlighting its impact on climate change, by sharing information with residents on social media.

Cllr Bradley continued: "The environment has really jumped up the priority list with the pandemic accelerating that, therefore we too are accelerating the work we are doing in this area and we look forward to delivering further improvements to tackle climate change."

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