Time Credits

Tempo has been working with Chorley Council to roll out Time Credits across the Chorley borough. Time Credits are a way of enabling local people to make a diff​erence in their communities and local public services. The programme was launched in September 2012 in Chorley with a broad health and social care focus and was extended to be used more widely across the community in 2014. 

Time credits are a way of thanking people for the time that they give to their local community. If a person gives 1 hour of time to a community organisation, they earn 1 Time Credit that can be spent on a range of activities in the local area, for example a children’s soft play centre.  

As well as recognising the value of individual contribution, Time Credits ​strengthens and builds communities by engaging those who may not normally get very involved in their local area. The scheme encourages peop​le to be involved in different ways and it helps to build local networks, by linking community groups, organisations, businesses, and individuals. 

Time Credits are similar to bank notes but have no monetary value. They have a standard back in all locality areas with the front localised. In Chorley there is a picture of Astley Hall on the front of the note. The notes are designed and printed to make imitation or fraud extremely difficult.

Phone: 01257 515151
Email: timecredits@chorley.gov.uk ​

  • How can I spend my Time Credits?

    ​​Individuals earning Time Credits are able to spend them at local venues and events, or across Tempo’s national network. Time Credits can also be gifted to friends and family. For example, someone earning Time Credits in Chorley ​use their Time Credits to take a family member or friend along to a Time Credit event or activity, even if that person does not earn Time Credits. To find venues accepting Time Credits please visit www.timecredits.com or have a look at the Lancashire Time Credit Facebook page. 

  • How do I receive and exchange my Time Credits?

    As an individual, you should receive your Time Credits from the group you are connected to, each group has their own process in place for distributing their Time Credits. If you are not linked to a group, there are other ways of receiving Time Credits - you should speak to one of your local councillors, or a member of the Health & Wellbeing Team by calling 01257 515151 or emailing timecredits@chorley.gov.uk. You can also view and like Lancashire Time Credits Facebook page to stay up to date on what's happening with Time Credits in Lancashire.  

  • How can I get involved?

    If you’re an individual or group of individuals who want to start your own small group, running an activity or if you are looking after your local area, starting a new local project  or looking out for your neighbours, we'd be delighted to talk. Please get in touch with a member of Chorley Council's Health & Wellbeing Team by calling 01257 515151 or emailing timecredits@chorley.gov.uk.

    If you're a group or organisation who wants to get involved to offer your services to Time Credits members and be part of our network please contact brianratcliffe@wearetempo.org or call 07474 678685. 

  • How will progress be monitored and evaluated?
    Apteligen Limited have published an independent evaluation of Tempo Time Credits programmes. This report demonstrates that when we work together we can achieve meaningful change.

    For Tempo it was essential that our values were reflected in the way that we designed and developed our evaluation. The approach needed to give a voice to the individuals involved in the programmes and to support the ongoing learning process for Tempo and its partners. This evaluation involved over 1000 community members, and nearly 300 partner staff who contributed their opinions through three surveys, in-depth interviews and 33 participatory workshops. Key Findings are that Time Credits are an effective way to engage people in giving their time to their communities in a sustainable way. In particular, people who are new to giving.

    Time Credits also motivate people who are already giving their time to continue. Please go to the download section to see a summary of the results for Chorley Time Credits.