We are keen to ensure that our services are tailored specifically to the needs of our customers - and to do that, we need to know exactly what you want.

We carry out consultations with customers throughout the year - most notably when we're planning the budget and want to know your views on where we should be allocating resources.

Our teams often carry out consultations to help improve the way services are delivered. You can view the consultations online.

  • Chorley Council Taxi/Private Hire Consultation March 2020

    The Council is consulting on a number of proposed changes to its Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy. The aim of these changes are two fold; to provide additional assurances to the travelling wheelchair-user that they will be able to use the licensed trade and to streamline the renewal process for licensing.

    Implementation of Designated WAV List

     It is proposed to implement a list of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles under Section 167 of the Equality Act 2010. The drivers of vehicles designated on this list will have the following additional duties:
    • To carry the passenger whilst in a wheelchair
    • Not make additional charge for doing so
    • If the passenger choses to sit in a passenger seat, to carry the wheelchair,
    • To take such steps as are necessary to ensure that the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort,    and
    • To give the passenger such mobility assistance as is reasonably required.

    The Council seeks views regarding the implementation of such a list.

    Policy for Exempting Drivers from the responsibilities under the Act

    Section 166 of the Equality Act 2010, provides that the local authority may grant exemptions from these additional duties where there is some medical or physical condition or disability which makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult.

    You can download the Council’s draft policy (for exempting drivers under the Act) under the ‘Download it’ tab on the right hand side of this page.

    Vehicle Type Condition Amendment

    Vehicle type condition 4.c.v currently states:

     All vehicles will have 2 side passenger doors to access the rear compartment of the vehicle.
    It is proposed to amend this condition to:

    Vehicles licensed as Hackney Carriages shall have 2 side passenger doors to access the rear compartment of the vehicle. Access for wheelchair users shall be by these doors. Vehicles licensed as Private Hire Vehicles are permitted to be accessed from the rear.

    Amendment to Renewal Process

    The Council’s current policy requires documentation to be used to renew a licence be provided at the time of granting a licence. Due to the length of time between grant and renewal, this documentation can change and be invalid when needed. This can result in confusion and delays in processing. It is proposed to amend the Council’s policy as follows:

    ​i. The invitation to renew any licence will be made at the point of granting the licence.
    ii. Licensees will be provided with a covering letter, setting out the dates by which they must provide updated documents.
    iii. This letter must be retained and brought by the applicant to their renewal appointment.
    iv. An applicant who does not have this letter will need to pay the replacement document fee.
    v. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the documents they have are the most current prior to having them completed. Any document which is not the most current version will not be accepted. The cost of replacing any document shall be borne by the applicant.
    vi. The applicant is responsible for downloading and printing any forms they require to apply for or renew a licence. The forms will be available on the council’s website.


    This consultation exercise shall be carried out throughout March 2020. Any person can comment on the proposals:
    Licensing Team
    Chorley Council
    Civic Offices
    Union Street
    PR7 1AL​

  • Great Knowley Play and Open Space Improvements

    We are proposing to improve the quality of the amenity open spaces on Great Knowley. We welcome your opinion and input about the design of the area to help us make the correct choices and to ensure the limited budget is spent in the best way possible.

    The majority consensus of the consultation will be taken forward and implemented on the ground. Please refer to the map of the paper copy of the survey that has been posted through your door. The closing date for responses is the 20 March 2020. The results will be posted back on this page as soon as possible once they have been analysed.

    The link for the survey can be found under Do it online.

  • Tatton Recreation Ground Improvement Proposals

    Chorley Council are proposing to invest in the Tatton area with a proposed development in which we are aiming to provide extra care accommodation, GP surgery, pharmacy and new community centre. As part of this development we will also be doing extensive work to enhance the recreation ground.

    The local residents have previously been invited to review and provide feedback on the proposed development and wherever possible the suggestions from the residents have been considered within the design. A pre-planning consultation exercise was scheduled to take place July 2020. Due to social distancing restrictions associated with Covid-19 this has not been possible. Therefore, the leaflet local residents should have received, provides details of the proposed recreation improvements and the opportunity for residents to comment.

    The closing date for responses was​ 17 July 2020

    Following consultation, the next steps will be to obtain final budget approval from the Council to allow a planning application for the development to be submitted early August 2020. The planning consultation period will provide residents with an opportunity to provide feedback on the overall development. Subject to budget and planning approval, the development is scheduled to commence January 2021.