We have a key role to play in making sure there is a range of good quality housing in Chorley. There are a number of things we do to achieve this including providing services for local people and also working strategically with our partners to develop strategies and monitor the housing market. We produce the Prevention of Homelessness Strategy along with other key pieces of housing related research, policies and statistics.

We do not own or manage any properties as we transferred our stock to Chorley Community Housing in March 2007 and so work with Registered Providers (RPS) to meet local housing need.

The services we provide include:

• Access to social housing via the Selectmove Choice Based Lettings system
• Housing options advice including homelessness, help to access private sector housing, help with mortgage advice, and also help to access to housing related support including accommodation based service and also floating support.
• Cotswold Supported Accommodation for homeless families
• Home Improvement Agency for help with adaptations and energy efficiency
• Help and support to access affordable housing to part share or buy
• Support and advice for Private Landlords In Chorley

  • Affordable Housing

    We work closely with Registered Providers and developers to enable and deliver new affordable homes for rent, shared ownership or discounted sale. All new rented homes will be advertised on Selectmove.

    If you are interested in shared ownership property (where you part own a share in a new home and pay rent to a registered provider on the remainder), the housing team will be able to advise you where these properties are located in the Borough. To apply for a shared ownership home, you will need to contact the Registered Provider. Adactus, Places for People and New Progress Housing Association are the main Registered Providers in Chorley who offer this product.

    The Plus Dane Group are the Help to Buy agent for the North West of England operating as Help to Buy North West. Help to Buy North West offer products to help households access home ownership such as Help to Buy Equity Loan and Help to Buy Shared ownership.

    For more information visit the Help to Buy North West website or call 0300 790 0570.

    We offer our own scheme called Low Cost Home Ownership. This scheme provides properties for sale at a reduced price. The level of discount varies depending on the location of the property. Applicants for the scheme are required to meet certain criteria and there are restrictions on the sale price and other considerations every time the property is sold. Discounts range from 17% to 40% of the open market value. The discounted value is the maximum price at which the property can be sold.

    To find out more about the scheme and any available properties, please contact the housing team.

  • Applying with Selectmove

    The new draft Select Move common allocations policy is currently undergoing consultation -  to find out more and have your say please use the Select Move consultation link.

    We have a policy which sets out how social housing is to be allocated in the Borough. The law sets out which people are eligible for social housing and who will be given priority which the council has to include the policy. Selectmove is the allocations policy for Chorley, Preston and South Ribble and is a choice based system where the customer chooses a property they are interested in. All of the councils and most of the Registered Providers (also known as housing associations) are partners to the scheme. If you are interested in applying for a home on Selectmove, you can apply online at with Selectmove.

    You can also apply by contacting your landlord (if you are already a social housing tenant) or by contacting us.

    You may be asked for some information as part of the application process, such as proof of ID and verification of income. You may also be asked about any unspent convictions. Once your application has been assessed, you will be given a priority band and are then able to ‘bid’ or express interest for properties which are advertised.

    Available homes are advertised each week from Saturday to Wednesday and once the cycle ends, the landlord of the property will contact the successful applicant to arrange a viewing etc.

  • Cotswold supported accommodation 

    This is our temporary accommodation service for homeless families and single people. It is a 25 bed hostel which is staffed 24 hours a day. All customers using this service receive support and advice from a dedicated team of support workers. Only the Housing Options service can refer into this service.

  • Duty to Refer

    New legislation came in on 1st October 2018 and now external organisations are under a duty to refer anyone homeless or threatened with homelessness to the local authority (with consent). In Chorley, we are signed up to the Housing Jigsaw referral system recommended by MHCLG where organisations can sign up and complete a standardised referral form which will come through to us as an alert or, alternatively, we have an email address: dutytorefer@chorley.gov.uk​ that organisations can email directly.

  • Home Improvement agency

    Chorley Home Improvement Agency is a not-for-profit organisation run by us. The service provides confidential advice, support and assistance to older, disabled or vulnerable people and their families to repair improve or maintain and adapt their homes.
    We offer a range of services including the handyperson, advice and help with energy efficiency and help with adaptations, including disabled facilities grants.
  • Housing options

    Our Housing Options team can provide help and advice if you are experiencing problems with your housing situation or if you are looking for a new home to rent or buy in Chorley. If you are struggling with rent arrears or other issues in a rented property, please contact us and we will work with you and your landlord to try and resolve the issue. We can also provide advice if you are a home owner struggling with mortgage repayments & facing repossession.

    If you are affected by the changes to welfare benefits, including the reductions in housing benefit for those under occupying social housing, we can provide you with help and advice.

    We offer a private rented sector bond scheme and can also help with finding other types of specialist accommodation such as supported accommodation for young people, parent and child, ex-offenders and older persons sheltered accommodation.

    We also offer a floating support service, provided by CALICO for those in a new tenancy or where the tenancy is at risk. This service is completely confidential and the support can be provided at your home.

    If you are homeless, fleeing domestic abuse or are subject to harassment from your private landlord, please contact us for help. For out of hours assistance please telephone 01257 515142

    For any of these services, please contact the Housing Options Team.

  • Private landlords 

    If you are a private landlord in Chorley or are looking to become a landlord, you may be interested in the Chorley Private Landlord Forum. The forum meets quarterly and provides a great opportunity for landlords in Chorley to share experiences and take advantage of any advice or training which may be on offer. For more information, please contact the housing team.

    From 1 April 2018, if you have the capacity to rent out a property to five or more tenants which consists of two or more households, you require a HMO licence.

    If you already own the property the licence needs to be applied for before 1 October 2018.

  • The Care and Urgent Needs Support Scheme

    From 1st April, 2013 Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants within the DWP Discretionary Social Fund will be abolished. From that date, within Lancashire, a new local scheme will be established, administered by Lancashire County Council, called The Care and Urgent Needs Support Scheme.

    The new local scheme is there to support vulnerable people in urgent need who have no access to other means of support. This might be to allow them to live in the community or to deal with a particular crisis.

    To be eligible for the scheme, you must live in the area covered by Lancashire County Council (this excludes Blackpool, and Blackburn with Darwen who have their own schemes)
    • be over 16
    • on a low income, this would normally mean that you were getting: 
    Income Support, 
    Income based Job Seekers Allowance ( JSA), 
    Income related Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA) 
    or Pension Credit ( Guarantee Credit only)
    • Either leaving care or requiring support to stay in the community
    • Able to demonstrate that you are without immediate resource to meet the basic needs of yourself and/ or your dependents

    To access the scheme
    Telephone the helpline : 0845 0530015