Meals on Wheels

Chorley Council is currently working with ICare, a meals on wheels provider, who can offer a daily hot meal or frozen delivery service for qualifying Chorley residents.  There is a wide range of meals to choose from on the menu, to suit all dietary requirements.  The service was originally provided by Lancashire Fayre.  From Friday 23 February 2018, this service is now provided by ICare.  

There is a wide range of meals to choose from on the menu to suit all dietary requirements.  Chorley Council is offering a subsidy for up to 5 daily hot meals for Chorley residents, who meet the eligibility criteria.  To find out if you qualify for the subsidised service, please contact  ICare who can discuss the criteria and inform you if you qualify for the subsidy.  If you do not qualify for the subsidy, you can still arrange for daily hot or frozen meals to be provided by ICare, who will be happy to help you.

The current subsidised meals on wheels service and subsidy will be provided at the same cost to qualifying residents for the foreseeable future.  Any changes to the pricing, with the new provider in the future will be provided to existing customers and on this page.

For more details on how to arrange for meals to be delivered to your home, please contact ICare on 0845 604 1125  or​

  • What's on offer

    We’ve teamed up with Lancashire-based company, ICare, who are experts in the industry and the service includes: 

    Hot meals delivered to your home up to seven days per week at lunchtime , with a subsidy for up to 5 hot meals each week for those qualifying.  

    iCare delivery personnel are not just drivers they are also trained in care service.  They can be relied on to help you make your menu choices and keep a friendly eye on your wellbeing and become a familiar face that visits you regularly. 

    You can choose to have your meal plated if you are having a hot meal, or your frozen meal put into your freezer, you choose

  • How much does it cost?

    In order to address the change in provider,  for the interim period, Chorley Council will still subsidise up to five hot meals and desserts per week to reduce the cost to you.  The subsidy applies to hot meals only.  The current subsidy will provide these meals at £3.65 per hot meal (maximum of 5 per week).  Should there be any change in  the future pricing of this service, all recipients will be contacted.

    There are certain eligibility criteria to meet to qualify for the subsidised service (see how can I take part).

  • What are the benefits of taking part?

    We want you to enjoy healthy meals throughout the week so this service is being provided to make things that bit easier for people who live alone or find it difficult to spend time preparing meals. 

    The benefits are:

    • Subsidised service that gives you great value for money with a wide choice of dishes 

    • You don’t have to worry about the cost of buying the food 

    • It saves you energy costs because you don’t have to cook 

    • You don’t have to worry about preparing the meal 

    • A friendly face will check you are ok while they deliver your meal 

    • Ideal for carers’ breaks

  • What is ICare?

    ICare have been providing meals across Lancashire and beyond for over 20 years. They have helped thousands of older people thanks to their range of home delivered hot and frozen meals and desserts.

    They provide hot meals, frozen meals and tea-time sandwiches, catering for all dietary requirements and offering a wide range and choice of options.

    Their reputation for care and quality food has led to them becoming one of the UK’s leading delivery services for frozen ready meals.

  • How can I take part?

    If you want to take advantage of this service then you need to contact ICare on 0845 604 1125.  Or via

    As well as living in the Borough of Chorley, you will need to answer yes to three of the six questions below: 

    • Do you live alone? 

    • Are you aged over 65? 

    • Are you unable to prepare food for yourself? 

    • Do you have any medical conditions that prevent you preparing food for yourself? 

    • Do you have any mental health problems that prevent you preparing food for yourself? 

    • Do you have any physical difficulties that prevent you preparing food for yourself?