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  • Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Co-Operation

    This consultation is now CLOSED. The consultation on the provision and distribution of housing land ran over a period of 7 weeks, initially from 4th November 2019 to 15th November 2019, and extended from 9th December 2019 to 13th January 2020.

    A Consultation Outcomes Report was taken to the Central Lancashire Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) on 28th January 2020, where the approach set out in the MOU was agreed by the JAC committee members.

    Following approval by all three Central Lancashire Councils, the MOU became effective in April 2020.

    Further details can be found on the Central Lancashire Local Plan Review website.

    Updated 28th April 2020

    Memorandum of Understanding & Statement of Co-operation
    Recognising the relevant development plan policy relating to the supply of housing in Central Lancashire was adopted in 2012, the Central Lancashire authorities (namely Preston City Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley Council) will now apply the standard method formula to calculate the aggregate minimum number of homes needed across the area. This is in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance.

    This is being done through a Joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Statement of Co-operation (SOC), which was subject to consultation and has now been approved and signed by each Council. The Councils will therefore work together to monitor housing completions and five-year housing land supply positions against these requirements.

    The three Councils are implementing a distribution of housing based on robust evidence. A Central Lancashire Housing Study was produced by consultants Iceni prior to the MOU consultation, and an updated version has been produced following feedback received during the consultation. This document is available to view in our online evidence base.

    The evidence contained within the Central Lancashire Housing Study recommended that the most appropriate distribution of the minimum number of homes needed in the area (subject to future review) is 40% for Preston, 32.5% for South Ribble and 27.5% for Chorley.

    Here you can access the:
    • Report and Appendices (Appendix 1 and Appendix 2) that were taken to the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) - on 28th January 2020.
    • Consultation Outcomes Report – dated March 2020, which summarises the issues raised in the consultation, and our responses to those issues.
    • The approved MOU/SOC – signed and dated April 2020.

    The MOU and SOC was taken through the relevant delegation / Full Council approval processes for each Council. It was approved by Chorley Council on 25th February, South Ribble Borough Council on 26th February 2020, and Preston City Council on 17th April 2020. Following approval by all three Central Lancashire Councils, the MOU became effective in April 2020.


    Updated on 28th April 2020

    Statement of Common Ground May 2020
    Since the MOU was signed the housing need figure has changed following the release of the most recent median work-placed affordability ratios. As a result this has changed the standard need figure for the three Councils and the new requirement is reflected in the updated SOCG dated May 2020.​​


    Outline planning application for the erection of up to 180 dwellings including 30% affordable housing, with public open space, structural planting and landscaping, surface water flood mitigation and attenuation and vehicular access points from School Lane. All matters reserved except for means of vehicular access.
    Location: Land Between Pear Tree Lane and School Lane, Pear Tree Lane Euxton, PR7 6QR
    Appellant: Gladman Developments Ltd
    Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref: APP/D2320/W/20/3247136
    Planning Application Ref: 19/00654/OUTMAJ

    A Public Inquiry is to be held as a virtual event, opening on Monday, 22 June 2020 at 09.30.

    The reason for the Inquiry is the Appeal by Gladman Developments Ltd relating to the details of the above outline planning application to Chorley Borough Council.

    An Inspector Mike Hayden has been appointed by the Secretary of State to decide the appeal. The Inspector will hold an Inquiry opening on the date shown above to decide the appeal.

    The Inquiry will be held as a virtual event run by the Inspector in the normal way, but with the parties invited to join via Microsoft Teams or telephone.

    Documents relating to the appeal can be viewed on the Chorley Council website: 

     Anyone wishing to attend the Inquiry must make their interest known to the Planning Inspectorate Case Officer, Helen Skinner (contact details below) as soon as possible prior to the Inquiry, either by email or telephone after reading the Inquiry Attendance Information set out below. When contacting the Case Officer, it would be helpful if you could confirm whether you want to take an active part in the proceedings or anticipate attending just as an observer.

    Inquiry Attendance Information
    Before deciding whether to take an active part in the Inquiry, you need to think carefully about the points you wish to make. All written submissions from application and appeal stage will be taken into account by the Inspector and re-stating the same points won’t add any additional weight to them.

    If you feel that taking part in the Inquiry is right for you in whatever capacity, you can participate in a number of ways:

    To take part using video, participants will need to have access to Microsoft Teams (via an app or web browser). This link gives further information on how to use this.​

    Alternatively you can take part by telephone.

    If you wish to just observe the event, you should make that clear in your response to the Case Officer.

    If you wish to take an active part in the proceedings, please make clear in your response whether you wish only to appear at the Inquiry and make a statement, or whether you would also wish to ask questions on particular topics.

    If you want to take an active part but feel unable to for any reason, and/or the points you want to make are not covered in the evidence of others, consider whether someone else could raise them on your behalf

    Registered participants in whatever capacity will receive individual joining instructions, providing details of any requirements, guidance and support, whether joining by Teams or telephone.

    Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/D2320/W/20/3247136
    Case Officer contact at the Planning Inspectorate: Helen Skinner. Tel: 0303 444 5531.

  • Statement of Community Involvement - Temporary Changes in Respect of Publicity of Planning Policy Documents and Planning Applications during COVID-19 Crisis

    During these unprecedented times, we will be unable to operate community consultation on planning policy documents and a variety of application types in the precise way set out in the Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement.

    The temporary changes outlined have been made to protect the health of our communities and follows national advice and guidelines. The changes are set out below.

    Planning Policy

    Engaging with the Community
    Owing to the closure of libraries and Council offices to the public at the current time, the Council cannot publicise consultations in these locations nor can physical copies of documents be viewed at the present time. The Council also uses certain Post Offices to publicise and deposit consultation documents and whilst they remain open, they will not be used for consultations during this time.

    Consultations will continue to be published on our website and we continue to notify interested parties by email and letter and receive comments through the online response system.

    Public consultation events on planning documents will not be held during this time.

    Officers can be contacted via email (​) or phone (01257 515151) during this period and will not be available to meet in the Council Offices.

    Officers will contribute electronically to Parish and Town Council meetings on request.

    Responding to Consultations
    Responses to consultations on planning documents can be done electronically using the online response system.

    Involving the Community in Planning Applications

    Publicity for Planning Applications
    Planning applications will be publicised as normal. This includes letter notifications, and site and press notices as required. The weekly list is made available and the Council will be using social media channels to provide a link to the weekly list on the website.