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MiPermit (cashless parking payments) - pay by app

Cashless parking is available for all our pay and display car parks using a safe and secure system called MiPermit. 

MiPermit is a cashless way to pay for parking in Chorley using just a mobile phone and a credit or debit card. This system helps to reduce waste by not needing a paper ticket to be displayed.

Cashless parking is a quick and secure way to pay for parking if you do not have change available for the pay and display machine. This also offers greater flexibility by being able to book up to 7 days in advance as part of your daily routine. 

All our pay and display car parks still have ticket machines which accept cash to pay for your parking. 

Please note that paying in advance for a parking ticket does not reserve you a parking space.


How to use MiPermit cashless parking

To use MiPermit in one of our pay and display car parks, simply download the free MiPermit app which identifies your location, making paying to park even easier, or visit the MiPermit website.

You do not have to pre-register to use MiPermit. You can register using the app or online when you want to park for the first time. However, it will save you time when you are going to park for the first time if you are pre-registered.

When you park with MiPermit no ticket is created. Your vehicle details are copied to the parking attendants' hand-held computers in real-time, so when they see you are not displaying a paper ticket or permit, they check their hand-held and will find your vehicle has a valid ticket. 

If you are experiencing problems call MiPermit customer services on 0345 520 7007.


MiPermit parking charges

There is an additional 10p convenience fee for paying to park with MiPermit. The convenience fee is to cover the costs of providing the service which is charged by the parking operator.

You can also choose an option to receive a text reminder, for when your parking is going to run out, you will be charged for these texts, at a cost of 10p per text message.  The total including any convenience fees (if applicable) will be displayed on the confirmation screen before payment is made.

Please note, you will not be charged the fee for obtaining a time of arrival ticket to take advantage of the free time.

Terms and conditions for MiPermit.

Car park location codes.


Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

If you received a Penalty Charge Notice whilst being parked in one of our car parks, you will need to appeal in writing to Chipside (the parking enforcement agency) who will look into why the PCN was issued. The contact details of where to make an appeal can be found on the back of the PCN or visit the penalty charge notice website.

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact Chipside direct on 0345 505 2525.

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