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Elections of councillors in Chorley

At the election on 6 May 2021 the number of councillors who were elected to serve on Chorley Council reduced to 42 councillors due to a local government electoral review, the results of which were announced in March 2019.

Councillors make important decisions such as how the council budget is spent, and which services are prioritised. Each councillor is usually elected for a 4 year term of office and there are 3 councillors representing each council ward in the borough. Councillors are elected every year, over a 4 year cycle.

Scheduled local elections usually take place on the first Thursday in May unless they are moved for a specific reason.  The next scheduled local authority election will be held on 2 May 2024.

Select the link below to either find your ward councillors or to view a list of all the borough councillors.

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