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Register to vote if you are in the armed forces

People in the armed forces, and their spouses or civil partners, can register to vote as a service voter or an ordinary voter.

If you are based overseas or expect to be posted abroad in the next year, you should register as a service voter. This allows you to be registered at a fixed address in the UK even if you move around. A service voter registration also lasts for 5 years. Once you are registered, you will not have to worry about it while posted overseas. If however you are based in the UK for the foreseeable future, we recommend you register to vote as an ordinary elector.

You will need your service number to register to vote.

Register to vote (armed forces)


Once registered, you need to decide how you intend to vote.  By not doing anything the only way you will be able to vote is by going to the polling station linked to your address in the UK.

You can vote by appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf, or by post and a postal vote will be sent to your address abroad.  However, it is recommended that you vote by proxy, unless you are confident that you will be able to complete and return your postal vote pack back in time for polling day.

Apply to vote by proxy

Apply to vote by post

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