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Customer charter

We are committed to the highest level of service possible for all our customers. We are recognised nationally for providing high quality services around the needs of our customers and that our strong customer focused culture also remains high, but we are always looking for ways to improve.


Our values

We have values that set out how we will work:

Forward thinking - we are always ambitious to do better

Respect - responding to the different needs and aspirations of our customers and those we work with

Professional - striving to provide high quality services

Pride - in our jobs, pride in the council, pride in Chorley

One Team, One Council


We are committed to ensuring that you experience the best possible customer service. This means that:

If you visit:

  • you should not have to wait more than 10 minutes before being seen
  • we will try to deal with your query without passing you on to someone else
  • if this is not possible, we will explain why you are being passed on and to whom.

If you call:

  • we aim to answer the phone within 20 seconds
  • if we have to transfer you, we will tell you who you are being transferred to
  • if the person you need is not available, we will always take a message.

If you write

  • we aim to acknowledge your letter within 5 working days and respond fully within 7 working days. If this is not possible, we will write to tell you why and to let you know how long we expect it will take to respond fully
  • our response will always include the name of the person dealing with the enquiry and how you can contact them.

If you text or email us:

  • we will respond within 1 working day (this may be an automated acknowledgement)

We monitor our performance against these standards. If you have a particular requirement, or need support in accessing our services, we will do all that we can to ensure you receive this .

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