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Temporary Use Notices

There are 2 separate methods by which occasional betting activities or temporary gambling facilities can be authorised in locations which do not have the appropriate gambling premises licence; Occasional Use Notices and Temporary use Notices.


Give a Temporary Use Notice

The fee is £450 for a Temporary Use Notice and £45 for the issue of a copy of the endorsed notice.

A Temporary Use Notice (TUN) can allow the use of premises for gambling where there is no premises licence in force.

Only the provision of facilities for equal chance gaming, where the gaming is intended to produce a single overall winner, can be authorised by a TUN. 

A Temporary Use Notice must be given to us at least 3 months prior to the date when the notice is to have effect. A copy of the notice must also be given to the following responsible authorities:

  • the police for the area where the premises are situated
  • the Gambling Commission
  • H.M. Revenue and Customs

A notice can only be given to us by the holder of an operator's licence. Copies of the notice must be sent to the Gambling Commission, the police and H.M. Commissioners for Revenue and Customs.


Suitable venues for a Temporary Use Notice might include hotels, conference centres, and sporting venues

A Temporary Use Notice may only be given by a person or company holding a relevant operating licence issued by the Gambling Commission. The gambling activities must fall within the activities which the operator is authorised to provide under their operating licence.

The same set of premises may not be the subject of a Temporary Use Notice for more than 21 days in any 12-month period, but may be the subject of several notices, provided that the total does not exceed 21 days.

Should this period be exceeded, the licensing authority will issue a counter notice that has the effect of stopping the Temporary Use Notice coming into effect. Failure to comply with the counter notice is an offence.


Download the Temporary Use Notice form (PDF) [177KB] . Once completed return to us by email to Alternatively you can send by post to: Licensing Team, Civic Offices, Union Street, Chorley, PR7 1AL.

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