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Special conditions for party and celebration hire

We would ask that you carefully read the information set out in the terms and conditions of hire. This will be sent out with your booking confirmation and is also available on site. Further special conditions are detailed below.

Social events, parties and celebrations will be asked to pay a bond/deposit of £100. On condition that the hirer complies with the conditions laid out in the agreement and the special conditions the bond will be returned within 10 working days if paid by credit/debit card, other payment methods will take longer, following the expiration of the period of hire.

If the hirer fails to observe and perform any of the conditions in the agreement or the special conditions set out below we may:

  • retain whole or part of the bond
  • refuse to hire the community centre to the hirer or associated parties for current/future events.

The hire period requested must include enough time for you to set up the centre, and tidy up afterwards. The centre must be left in the same condition it was received. If cleaning materials are used, please ensure that you read the COSHH data sheets supplied before use.

If the social event, parties or celebrations require us to remain on site throughout the hire period, then the cost of the extra staffing is passed onto the customer in addition to the room hire at £60 per employee.

For health and safety reasons the number of people allowed is 100 maximum (60 at Buttermere Community Centre & Tatton Gardens) for a party or disco.

Prior to the period of hire we will expect an explanation and plan from the hirer in relation to how the hirer will control the number of people accessing the building during the period of hire at least 2 weeks in advance of the booking. If the party/celebration is for persons under 18, ensure appropriate adult supervision is in place (1 adult per 8 children of 5 years and under, 1 adult per 10 children over 5 years). We require any party or celebration to be supervised by adults at all times.

In the event that music equipment or other electrical equipment is brought into the centre the hirer must present evidence that the equipment has undergone portable appliance testing by a qualified electrician at least 2 weeks in advance of the booking. The exception to this condition is new equipment.

In the event that a DJ or other performer is hired to provide entertainment the hirer must present evidence to us, at least 1 week in advance of the booking, that the DJ or performer delivering the entertainment holds adequate public liability insurance, and has PAT test certificates for all equipment.

If there is an intention to sell alcohol then a licence is required which you will need to apply for from us at least 7 weeks in advance. The local police authority will also need to be informed. Please ensure that a copy of the licence is brought to our Union Street office 1 week before the period of hire. You must ensure alcohol is not consumed by any persons under the age of 18.

Food preparation is allowed in the centre kitchen but we advise against hot food service. Additional procedures may need to be undertaken to comply with Food Safety regulations and the hirer is responsible for ensuring they have all taken all the necessary steps detailed within these statutes.

All cans and bottles must be removed from site at the end of the period of hire, and also food waste. The centre does not have the capacity to safely store glass or metal can items and can accommodate only a small amount of food waste. The centre caters for a number of groups, including young children, and waste left on site, in the community centre external bin, or in the garden area, is prohibited. Bags can be supplied for waste disposal on request.

The use of smoke machines, candles, and indoor bouncy castles is prohibited in all community centres. Some activities may require a risk assessment supplying by the deliverer. Please ensure that you complete the form included in the pack you receive detailing activities to be offered during the hire party (such as face painting, sports activities, childcare, electrical equipment, hot food preparation etc.) at least 2 weeks prior to the booking. Breach of this condition, or failure to disclose all activities, may result in the party being terminated.

We are aware that it seems like a long list of conditions but we are sure you appreciate that we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone hiring our centre has an enjoyable time and stays safe. There are further details given to some of the conditions detailed above in the standard conditions provided.

For your convenience, we have supplied a checklist below to assist you in ensuring the main points raised in the special terms and conditions have been met.

Evidence or action requiredDue date
Bond, deposit or invoice payment1 week before the event
Explanation and plan:
How the hirer/s will control the number of people accessing the building during the period of hire
2 weeks before the event
PAT Test Certificates2 weeks before the event
Entertainment  (D.J's/face painters/magicians/sports)
(risk assessments and liability insurances)
2 weeks before the event
Alcohol licence7 weeks before the event
Activities disclosure list2 weeks before the event


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