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Street collection conditions


1. In these Regulations unless the context otherwise requires: 

"collection" means a collection of money or a sale of articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes and the word "collector" shall be construed accordingly; 
 "promoter" means a person who causes others to act as collectors; 
 "permit" means a permit for a collection; 
 "contributor" means a person who contributes to a collection and includes a purchaser of articles for sale for the benefit of charitable or other purposes; 
 "collecting box" means a box or receptacle for the reception of money from contributor. 

2. No collection, other than a collection taken at a meeting in the open air, shall be made in any street or public place within the Chorley Borough unless a promoter shall have obtained from the licensing authority a permit. 

3. Application for a permit shall be made in writing not later than one month before the date on which it is proposed to make the collection. 

4. No collection shall be made except upon the day and between the hours stated in the permit.

5. The licensing authority may, in granting a permit, limit the collection to such streets or public places or such parts thereof as it thinks fit. 

(1) No person may assist or take part in collection without the written authority of a promoter. 
(2) Any person authorised under paragraph (1) above shall produce such written authority forthwith for inspection on being requested to do so by a duly authorised officer of the licensing authority or any constable

7. No collection shall be made in any part of the carriage way of any street which has a footway. 

8. No collection shall be made in a manner to inconvenience or to annoy any person. 

9. No collector shall importune any person to the annoyance of such person. 

10. While collecting: 

  • a collector shall remain stationary
  • a collector or two collectors together shall not be nearer to another collector than 25 metres.

Provided that the licensing authority if it thinks fit, waives the requirements of this Regulation in respect of a collection which has been authorised to be held in connection with a procession.

11. No promoter, collector or person who is otherwise connected with a collection shall permit a person under the age of sixteen years to act as a collector. 


  • every collector shall carry a collection box 
  • all collecting boxes shall be numbered consecutively and shall be securely closed and sealed in such a way as to prevent them being opened without the seal being broken
  • all money received by a collector from contributors shall immediately be placed in the collection box
  • every collector shall deliver, unopened, all collecting boxes in his possession to a promoter. 

13. A collector shall not carry or use any collecting box, receptacle or tray which does not bear displayed prominently thereon the name of the charity or fund which is to benefit nor any collecting box which is not duly numbered.

(1) Subject to paragraph (2) below, a collecting box shall be opened in the presence of the promoter and another responsible person. 
(2) Where a collecting box is delivered, unopened, to a bank, it may be opened by an official of the bank. 
(3) As soon as a collecting box has been opened, the person opening it shall count the contents and shall enter the amount with the number of the collecting box on a list which shall be certified by that person. 

(1) No payment shall be made to any collector. 
(2) No payment shall be made out of the proceeds of a collection, either directly or indirectly, to any other person connected with the promotion or conduct of such collection for, or in respect of, services connected therewith, except such payments as may have been approved by the licensing authority. 

16. (1) Within one month after the date of any collection the person to whom the permit has been granted shall forward to the licensing authority: 

(a) a statement in the form set out in the Schedule to these Regulations or in a form to the like effect, showing the amount received and the expenses and payments incurred in connection with such collection, and certified by that person and a qualified accountant; 
(b) a list of collectors; 
(c) a list of the amounts contained in each collecting box. 

(2) The said person shall also, within the same period, at the expense of that person and after a qualified accountant has given his certificate under paragraph (1)(a) above, publish in such newspaper as the licensing authority may direct, a statement showing the name of the person to whom the permit has been granted, the area to which the permit relates, the name of the charity or fund to benefit, the date of the collection, the amount collected and the amount of the expenses and payments incurred in connection with such collection. 

(3) The licensing authority may, if satisfied there are special reasons for so doing extend the period of one month referred to in paragraph (1) above. 
(4) For the purposes of this Regulation "a qualified accountant" means a member of one of the following: 

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland
  • The Association of Certified Accountants
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. 

17. These Regulations shall not apply: 

(a) in respect of a collection taken at a meeting in the open air; or 
(b) to the selling of articles in any street or public place when articles are sold in the ordinary course of trade. 

18. Any person who acts in contravention of any of the foregoing regulations shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding *£50.00 and in the case of a second or subsequent offence not exceeding £50. 

*NOTE The penalties were increased to £50 for first and subsequent offences by the Criminal Justices Act 1982.

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