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Health and safety policy statement

We are committed to protecting the health, safety & wellbeing of employees, contractors, and the public.

We believe that nothing we do should harm our employees or others.

We value an individual's health, safety & wellbeing above everything else.

We take responsibility for our actions or inactions and consider the effect that these have on the health, safety & wellbeing of our employees and others.

We are accountable for the health & safety performance and outcomes associated with the Council's activities and undertaking.

We will:

•             Set standards for health & safety performance, and meet or exceed these standards

•             Provide suitable and sufficient resources where required

•             Ensure employees are consulted and listened to, and receive appropriate information, supervision, training, learning & development

•             Welcome and encourage challenge where there are unsafe behaviours or poor practice

•             Monitor, audit and review our health and safety performance, and take action to improve

•             Seek and adopt good practice, learn from experience, share learning, and develop a positive health & safety culture that is fair and just. 

We expect:

•             Each and every employee to take responsibility for their own and other's health, safety and wellbeing and to maintain a high standard of health & safety at work

•             Health, safety & wellbeing to be a priority that is never compromised

•             Leaders at all levels to demonstrate safe behaviours and practices

•             Managers and employees to be held accountable for health & safety standards

•             On-going learning, development, training and mentoring to be provided to enable employees to lead and work safely

•             Risks to be properly assessed and managed

•             Our partners to adopt our own high standards

Chris Sinnott - Chief Executive Officer - Date - January 2023


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