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Corporate Strategy 2022

A green and sustainable borough

"Green is about being responsible now for tomorrow's future"

Our commitment

  • work towards our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • support waste reduction, reuse and recycling
  • work with partners to retain natural habitats and improve air quality
  • promote sustainable transport and infrastructure

We will

  • Deliver natural green initiatives - Which includes tree planting, development of 'green corridors', and improvements to local natural habitats around our canals and waterways
  • Launch Sustainable Energy Package for Businesses - Providing support and advice on carbon reduction, including access to appropriate grant schemes
  • Improve our Council buildings - To create a modern environment and attractive work space to support the way we work
  • Develop use of green energy in the Borough - By exploring feasibility of green energy production in Chorley and deliver electric vehicle charging points
  • Deliver improvements to public transport networks - Including bus shelters and green shelters to enhance biodiversity

Measuring success

  • number of bus shelters Improved
  • number of trees planted
  • number of improvements to parks, open spaces and playing pitches linked to strategy delivery
  • % of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting

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