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Corporate Strategy 2021

Clean, safe, and healthy homes and communities

We will:

  • open the Tatton Gardens extra care development and community facilities
  • work with partners and residents to improve local play and community facilities across the borough
  • deliver affordable housing within the borough

Chorley will have:

  • clean and safe streets
  • reduced health inequalities
  • a wide range of quality recreational activities
  • high quality affordable and suitable housing
  • high quality play areas, parks and open spaces in both urban and rural locations

How we will measure progress:

  • visits to the council leisure centres - baseline
  • 100 volunteer community groups supported to improve by the council
  • 100 affordable homes delivered
  • less than 150 long term empty properties in the borough
  • 15 parks, open spaces and playing pitches improved linked to strategy delivery
  • % of household waste sent for reuse,recycling or composting better than previous year
  • 70% satisfaction with street cleanliness
  • 90% of the population feeling safe during the day
  • 70% of the population feeling safe at night

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