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Vehicle Crossings - Dropped Kerbs

A vehicle crossing (dropped kerb) allows vehicles to cross the pavement from the road to a driveway of a house.

The construction of your vehicle crossing will require planning permission if your access:

  • is from an A, B or C classified road (to check the classification please see: Mario Maps); or
  • is connected to works inside the site that will need planning permission, such as paving over a former garden area, building a new house or garage, or changing the use/purpose of the property.

All domestic vehicle crossings are managed and constructed by Lancashire County Council. You are advised to contact them as you will need their consent for a dropped kerb and comply with certain criteria.

If your property is in a Conservation Area, Article 4 Direction Area or is a listed building, please contact the Council before applying to have any works carried out by Lancashire County as the standard advice may not apply, particularly if you need to remove a boundary wall

If you are planning to lay out a hard surface at the front of your property in connection with your proposed dropped kerb, permitted development rights allow householders to pave their front gardens with a hard standing subject to certain restrictions.

To be certain if you need planning permission or not you can submit an application for a Lawful Development Certificate.

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