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2022 Council spending and payments to suppliers

Published data

Our spending information is available below in both pdf and csv formats. The pdf format is the easiest format to read data in, but does not allow data to be analysed or sorted. Please note csv format allows you to put data into a spread sheet, however it does use a standard column width and not all entries may be visible.
If you have any questions contact us. You will need to quote: "Chorley Council spend", the period, supplier name, reference and amount. We will be as transparent as we can in our response but in some cases we will need to respect information that could be seen as commercially sensitive.

Select the relevant period below to view spending and payments to suppliers for that period.

PDF formatCSV/Excel format
January 2022 (PDF) [88KB] January 2022 (Excel doc) [128KB]
February 2022 (PDF) [121KB] February 2022 (Excel doc) [205KB]
March 2022 (PDF) [150KB] March 2022 (Excel doc) [262KB]
April 2022 (PDF) [88KB] April 2022 (Excel doc) [130KB]
May 2022 (PDF) [98KB] May 2022 (Excel doc) [134KB]
June 2022 (PDF) [97KB] June 2022 (Excel doc) [146KB]
July 2022 (PDF) [143KB] July 2022 (Excel doc) [225KB]
August 2022 (PDF) [100KB] August 2022 (Excel doc) [150KB]
September 2022 (PDF) [127KB] September 2022 (Excel doc) [184KB]
October 2022 (PDF) [106KB] October 2022 (Excel doc) [156KB]
November 2022 (PDF) [105KB] November 2022 (Excel doc) [136KB]
December 2022 (PDF) [114KB] December 2022 (Excel doc) [178KB]


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