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Fair Collection Charter

Help and support

13. We understand that sometimes people are unable to pay. For example, this may be because of a sudden change in financial circumstances, those already on low incomes facing an unexpected situation or where someone's mental health problems affect their ability to manage their finances.

14. Where you can show that you are in financial difficulty, we will make sure you are referred to advice services to get the help you need.

15. We will consider individual circumstances on a case by case basis and we do our best to reduce any hardship or distress.

16. We will help you to take ownership of your finances and make the most of the support provided to keep to any agreement made.

17. If you are vulnerable, we will look at what we can do differently to help. Where someone is vulnerable, they may still need to pay if the law says so. However, we will provide additional support and try to reduce any distress.

18. What we do will depend on the type of debt. We may:

i. Allow you longer to pay

ii. Agree to a temporary, lower payment arrangement

iii. Provide help to claim discounts and benefits

iv. Refer you to independent advice and guidance

v. Temporarily stop enforcement action

vi. Review your eligibility for benefits

vii. Refer you to alternative welfare support

viii. Ensure that we have up to date information

19. We will make sure that any action taken is proportionate and fair to all our residents and businesses.

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