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Parking changes for Chorley

Flat Iron car park

25 January 2023

From February new parking tariffs will come into operation in Chorley town centre.

The changes, part of Chorley Council's car parking strategy, will come into effect on 1 February 2023, and aim to ensure sufficient parking capacity to ensure the town continues to thrive.

Deputy Leader of Chorley Council, Councillor Peter Wilson said: "We've implemented these changes to not only ensure that there is a good turnover of parking spaces to support local businesses, but also to accommodate the future demand of visitors to the town centre.

"Within the car park strategy that was approved last year, we've looked at things like parking capacity, accessibility, price and also the changes in consumer behaviour and how the car parks are used.

"We're confident that these tariff changes will support what we are trying to achieve, support the local economy and at the same time still remain extremely good value for money for those visiting Chorley town centre, which has so much to offer."

The new tariffs, which will be implemented from 1 February, include:

  • Free parking to remain after 5pm on weekdays, Saturdays after 1pm, Sundays and Bank holidays with the exception of on the Flat Iron car park.
  • To free up spaces for those visiting the entertainment venues such as the cinema and shopping in Market Walk, Portland Street car park will no longer be all day parking, with a 4 hour maximum stay introduced.
  • Long stay car parks will offer 1 hour free parking instead of 3 hours, with 4 hours costing just £1.
  • The Flat Iron car park will remain as a 2 hour maximum stay costing just £1 for two hours, with the removal of the one hour tariff option. This car park will no longer be free on Saturdays after 1pm and Sundays, to allow a turnover of spaces for shoppers.
  • Tariffs on short stay car parks remain the same, including 1 hour free parking.

As before, a time of arrival ticket must be displayed, including for free periods and visitors also have the option of paying for parking by the MiPermit app should they wish. Visitors are urged to check the tariff boards before they leave their car from 1 February.

Despite these changes to tariffs, Chorley remains one of the cheapest town centres to park in with just £1 for a 4 hour stay on some car parks, with plentiful parking to suit different types of visitor.

Whether you're visiting Chorley for shopping at the famous markets, watching a film at the cinema in Market Walk, a visit to the park, meeting friends or enjoying the nightlife, there are plenty of low cost or free parking options available. Information on things to do in Chorley can be found on the Check Out Chorley website

More information on town centre car parks can be found on the parking web pages

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