We can provide an assisted collection service if you need help to put your bins out for collection. 

Our bin crews will take your bin from the place it is stored on your property and put it back once it has been emptied. The assisted collection service will start from your next collection if you have given us at least 5 days' notice. There is no charge for this service.  

The service is typically provided if you have:

  • a disability
  • poor mobility issues 
  • are elderly or infirm 

If you live with someone who could put the bins out for you, you will not be eligible for an assisted collection.  

We may stop this service if we believe you are no longer eligible, you will receive a letter in the post informing you of this. If your assisted collection has been stopped and you feel it is still needed you can let us know by completing a general enquiry form or by calling 01257 515151.

If the service is no longer required at the property, please cancel the service using the online form. 

Apply for an assisted bin collection

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