The Council have a number of initiatives to support local food growing. There are currently 8 allotment sites owned by the Council to promote food growing. The Open Space and Sports Recreation Strategy (PDF) [913KB] also has a number of projects to increase the amount of land available to enable community food growing and orchard planting.

Open Space and Sports Recreation Strategy

Food waste is an increasing concern. It costs the average person in the UK around £200 a year, and the average family £700. You can find more here on how to reduce your waste or try home composting.

Chorley market is committed to connecting traders with local charities and community groups to implement a method whereby surplus food can be collected or distributed to disadvantaged, unemployed or homeless people affected by food poverty. The market also supports initiatives such as 'love food hate waste'.

The Council currently has a waste and recycling strategy in draft which will cover actions relating to the increase in recycling rates, including food waste. This is still in draft while we await clarifications from DEFRA regarding recycling expectations.

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