A key action for us and the neighbouring local authorities of Preston City Council and South Ribble Borough Council is the revision and updating of the Central Lancashire Local Plan. There will be further consultations coming on the development of the new Local Plan, these will be publicised when they are open. 

The production of the new Central Lancashire Local Plan and our input into that process is an immensely important factor in shaping planning policies that are right for our communities and to ensure sustainable development. Working towards net zero carbon emissions is an objective of the emerging new Central Lancashire Local Plan. 

Officers from all three authorities have been providing input and expertise in relation to policies on climate change, air quality and biodiversity. There is a particular focus on sustainable development, energy generation and conservation, sustainable transport options and the infrastructure inclusions necessary to enable sustainable choices. This ambitious plan will then support the individual authorities to implement planning guidance that seeks to minimise any negative impact of development on environment and strive for improvements.

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