One of the easiest and cost effective ways was can help the environment is to remember the three R's - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.


Reducing how much we throw away where we can is often the best option. To do this we can reconsider what we buy, if we can borrow something from a friend or choose items with less packaging. 

Chorley has many local businesses, hardware and ironmongers, market stalls, refill stores and farm shops, which sell everyday groceries and household items loose, so you can buy the quantity you need in your own container to reduce waste.

Chorley Repair Cafe is a local group of volunteers who try to repair broken items and extend their life. For clothing repairs and alterations there are traditional cobblers and alterations services around the Borough.

For food and garden waste you can try home composting or the council's garden waste collection service. Try to avoid burning rubbish on bonfires as they can affect our health through poor air quality.

You can find more here on how to reduce your waste and reducing your plastic footprint.


The next best option is to reuse. If you have things you no longer need, but are still useful, consider passing on to friends or family, selling them, donating to a charity shop or using an online sharing platform (such as Chorley Freegle, Freecycle or Social Media groups). You could even create your own community 'swap shop'.  

It's time to get creative! There are many reuse and 'upcycling' ideas online, some you may not have thought of. (One of our climate officers has reused an old bathroom suite as planters and a bird bath - after a thorough clean)


Recycling turns rubbish in to something new by breaking it down and using it as a feedstock for new products. Collection, sorting and reprocessing use energy, which is why it is often better to reduce and rescue where possible. There are still many reasons for why we should recycle

You can read more about what happens to your waste and recycling and visit the waste section of our website to find information on bin collections. 

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