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Council Tax refund

You can request a refund if your Council Tax account is overpaid.

This could happen if you have:

  • overpaid
  • moved out of the borough
  • been awarded a discount or exemption
  • been awarded Council Tax reduction (formerly Council Tax benefit)
  • had the band of your property reduced

Refunds are usually paid to the person(s) who paid the Council Tax bill.

The refund will be paid to either the debit or credit card used to make the payment or by BACS if payment was made by any other method.

We will only refund you if you do not owe any further monies to us. If we cannot arrange a refund, we will contact you via email, telephone or letter.


Request a Council Tax refund

To request a Council Tax refund, you will need to provide us with:

  • your Council Tax reference number, which can be found on your Council Tax bill
  • payees name and address of the property
  • contact email address
  • bank account number, sort code and bank name and address.

To request a refund complete the  Council Tax refund form (PDF) [102KB] and return it by email to or by post using the address shown on the form.

If the refund is approved, payment will be made to your bank account or refunded to the debit or credit card used for the payment.

If the refund is not approved, we will contact you via email, telephone, or letter to let you know why.


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