We currently have a Dog Control Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in place to tackle problematic dog behaviour across the borough, this replaces the previously known Dog Control Order (DCOs)

This PSPO requires you to: 

  • keep your dog on a lead in public places 
  • put your dog on a lead if you are requested to by a police officer, police community support officer or an authorised officer from the council
  • ensure your dog is excluded from restricted areas
  • clear up after your dog
  • carry a poop scoop and disposable bags.

Public places include:

  • any road or carriageway with a speed limit of 40 mph or less and adjoining footpaths and verges
  • adopted, publicly maintained footways, footway links and adjoining verges
  • footpaths, walkways and paths linked or associated with play areas owned by the council
  • land provided or used for public enjoyment, recreation and sporting or educational purposes during an organised activity on that land
  • land which is used as a market or fair or for the sale of goods
  • land used for the consumption of food or drink in connection with any trade, business or undertaking supplying food or drink
  • land which is any forecourt, terrace, yard or walkway providing access to or adjoining any building to which the public resort or have access to
  • land, which is any platform, forecourt, waiting area, walkway or shelter at any bus, or rail station, hackney carriage rank or designated hackney carriage waiting place
  • land, which is used as memorial, burial ground, cemetery, garden or remembrance and adjoining footpaths and verges.

Restricted areas include:

  • play areas
  • multi use games area and ball court
  • bowling green (except the Order shall not apply to the perimeter footpath around the said bowling green)
  • skate park, BMX track or youth shelter
  • sports pitch at such times as when an organised sporting activity is taking place
  • fountain, water feature, pond or ornamental lake
  • cemetery or crematorium grounds (except that the Order shall not apply to highways or footpaths within the said cemetery or crematorium grounds).
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