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Dog fouling

Tackling dog fouling is very important because it is one of the biggest concerns for residents.

Report dog fouling

If you spot dog fouling in a public place or spot someone not cleaning up after their dog, please report it to us. Reporting dog fouling online is helpful for us to be able to target our patrols. Please provide times of day and who might be allowing their dog to foul, if known. All reports of dog fouling are treated confidentially.

Report dog fouling


Dog fouling on private land

We do not have a duty to remove dog faeces from private land. Should a dog foul on private land it is the landowner's responsibility to remove the faeces, landowners can seek civil actions at their own discretion. We cannot take action against cats or horses defecating on public or private land.


Cleaning up after your dog

We appreciate the majority of owners are responsible, but we want all dog walkers to be responsible and clear up any dog fouling. When walking your dog:

  • be prepared and take enough bags with you
  • clean up after your dog
  • put the waste in a dog bin, an ordinary litter bin or take it home with you.

We provide over 1,200 bins where you can dispose of bagged dog waste.

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