Apply to be a postal voter

Anyone who is registered to vote can apply to be a postal voter. You do not need to give a reason.  However, the way in which you apply for a postal vote is changing. 

From the 31 October 2023, if you apply for a postal vote, you will have to do so online through the government's new Online Absent Voter Application portal.  Your identity will be checked and a copy of your signature and date of birth recorded.

Apply online to vote by post

If you are unable to submit an online application, you can still complete a paper copy and return it to the address below.  Once received, your application will be processed on your behalf.

Please download a postal vote application form from the GOV.UK website, complete the necessary information and either email the form to us as an attachment to or post it to:

Electoral Services
Chorley Borough Council
Town Hall
Market Street

You can apply for a postal vote for one election, a set period of time or permanently. Note that immediately prior to an election, any new postal vote applications can only be accepted for that election up to 5pm 11 working days before polling day.

If you choose a permanent postal vote you are still legally required to refresh your signature every 5 years (although this is reducing to every 3 years from 2024) to make sure we have a copy of your current signature. We will contact you when it is time to do so.


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