04 September 2020

Be-Witch. Festival of Witchery.

Fellfoot Wood Site​. 04/09/2020 - 07/09/2020. 18:00 - 11:00.

​​Calling white witches, light workers, healers and the curious- come together for a weekend of sharing and celebrating modern witchcraft. This is a beautiful, magical and intimate weekend of high vibing souls gathered in an enchanted woodland setting.

We now live in a time and place where it's relatively safe to publicly announce and practice witchcraft but sadly, many have lost the knowledge and the confidence. Whilst it may be safe, not everyone feels comfortable expressing their interest - but believe we are in abundance. Wouldn't it be awesome to meet? Man and woman living today, have lived previous lives as witches and suffered great persecution. Our soul/ genetic memory holds this within and therefore the fear can prevent us from being open to those whispers telling you that you are so much more. More knowledgeable, more powerful, more intuitive... Maybe you hear this calling and have no idea what to do with it? Maybe you know this already but for whatever reason can't seem to come out of the (broom) closet! Maybe you are a practising happy witch who would like to have a lovely weekend break with like minded people and just be. Welcome all!

Witchcraft is a word that encompasses much meaning and informs readily, like any other noun. Unjustifiably, it became a dirty word associated with evil. This is laughable but for it being so very sad with the underlying agenda to oppress and control through violence and fear. Dark times they were indeed but certainly not due to witchcraft. Nowadays, there is much confusion about what it means. For us, it means whatever you want it to mean. Your practice is yours and you decide what it looks like. We ourselves don't align with any type of witchcraft or coven. Like many modern witches, due to our ancestral knowledge being broken and banished, we have had to find our own 'brand'. Our only rule is to practice in the light. To us, witchcraft is ancient healing, total intuition and faith in the universe to provide. We do not extend the invitation to anybody who identifies witchcraft as a dark art. It would not be your cup of tea! We are charming a gathering of like minded souls with the same intention - to bring back all that was good about witchcraft and make it work in the here and now. 'White' witches work with an altruistic intent. High vibration creates clear intent and fun is high vibration. So, whilst making connections and maybe learning something new, recapping or rethinking, we are going to have some fun together! We want to create a space for you to gather and share, make connections and be your true self. There are definitely no hierarchies or dictates of how you or your practice should be here.

This is a 'spellbinding' weekend in a magical woodland, spent absorbing the gifts of the earth and learning about aspects of, practicing and celebrating witchcraft and magic. We will have some more serious witchery and some darn right silly fun witchery. Bring your cauldrons! Bring your hats and brooms! Bring your best witchy outfit! Bring your love and light and Be-Witched!!!.

There will be crafting workshops, informative workshops, discussion groups, dancing, chanting, the full moon ceremony and more.

A modern day witch is a light worker and our time has come to shine! You are in a safe space. We arrive a day early to prepare the space for you. Dragons gather below the wood to facilitate and protect the magic from below. Angels cover us in light and protection from above - and they love a good shin dig! The elementals who live in the wood are consulted and they enjoy watching us and give us their blessing. You can just bask in the atmosphere of community, support and celebration. A celebration of all that we are! Magic isn't a strong enough word for this weekend! Come, find the witch in you!

Day tickets are not available. The experience is a weekend of witchery and also meeting new friends and like minded souls. We feel that time is needed for this and it's an important part of the weekend. There are 2 5 person very basic camping pods at £25 per night and a 3 person glamping cabin at £40 per night (now booked for 2020). These can be booked for 2 or 3 nights. We have a limited amount of pre-erected tents. 5m tepees (not canvas) £100 for the weekend. It says sleeps 10 but we would say 6 max. 4m bell tents (Not canvas) £90 for the weekend. It says sleeps 8 but we would say 4 max. We have extras (bed, table) to hire, you would need to bring own bedding - all individually priced. Non refundable payment in full for the accommodation is required at time of booking. Please enquire about any of the above accommodations to team@followingthejoy.com.

We can accommodate small (vw size)/ medium campervans (transit van size) and one or two large ones (small bus/ library bus size) but unfortunately not caravans or very, very large campers (Big RVs) as the entrance to the woodland is a slope up from the road, a sharp right turn and then up again. We have had our library bus in the wood but it's not for the faint hearted to go up with such a large vehicle. The woodland is sloping upwards and very large campers will need to stay on lower levels.

Camping is beautifully basic, with a wild camping feel, in a woodland, with toilets and washing up facilities in the main area. To try and help campers with not having to bring everything but the kitchen sink, we have a brew station in the main area with free tea, coffee, fruit teas, etc. all weekend. We light BBQ's in the evening for general use and we provide sauces. The washing up area has brushes and washing up liquid provided but not tea towels. We do not have any food vendors as we feel it takes something away from the feel of the woodland and the community feel of meeting to cook at the BBQ or brew up at the station. Not to mention the travesty of replacing the sound of birdsong with generators!

We really want to avoid any commercial look. We love Fellfoot Wood so much and want to keep the woodland integrity, whilst appreciating that it's nice to be able to buy a souvenir or something unusual. Therefore, we don't have stalls selling the same old, same old, festival circuit frippery​. However we bring some of our witchy crafts and we are happy for anyone who is an insured trader and crafter to ask if they can set up a few items, on a small table, at some point over the weekend for a few hours. We do not accept festival traders who wish to set up for the weekend. No structures will be allowed to be set up. Just an allocation of a few hours in the main glade with a few small tables. There's no charge for this - we extend as a courtesy to traders who are coming anyway and so that folks can have a peruse of some goodies that they may not be able to buy elsewhere. Once you have purchased your ticket, send us an email outlining what you make and why it's suitable for be-Witch.

Tickets £98 pp and are strictly limited. The price includes all workshop materials and everything experiential about the weekend.

Responsible children over 13, with a genuine interest, are welcome. ​