Empty homes can have a negative impact on neighbourhoods.

There are a small number of long term empty residential properties in Chorley that are detrimental to the amenities and problematic to neighbours and the community.

We are committed to helping owners bring their long-term empty properties back into use.     

Help for owners of empty properties

We will work with owners to identify suitable solutions to help bring their properties back into use, these can include:

  • giving advice to the owner or landlord to help them return the empty property back into use and how this will benefit them
  • using enforcement action where relevant, and only as a tool of last resort or where the property is unsafe or of such a state is causes distress to the local amenity
  • advise if Council Tax can be reduced if the property is uninhabitable so this money can be used to do works at the property. View more information on empty property Council Tax discount.

View more information on our empty properties policy.

If you have an empty property that you would like to discuss with us please contact us by email to contact@chorley.gov.uk.

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