01 December 2015

Please put the right stuff in the right bin!

​RESIDENTS in Chorley are being urged to double check the items they put out for recycling as part of a drive by Chorley Council to ensure the ‘right stuff’ goes in the ‘right bin’.

This is because loads could be rejected at the recycling plant in Farington if they are ‘contaminated’ by non-recyclable household waste being placed incorrectly in blue bins, or items are not sorted correctly.
Rules have tightened which means that the recycling plant could reject loads which would ultimately have an impact on the cost of collections

​On average the majority of items are correctly sorted and recycled, however recent checks have revealed a number of items wrongly put in the blue recycling bin such as wood, cardboard, textiles, black bags, food waste, toys, CDs and DVDs, batteries, nappies and furniture and ceramics.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, who oversees waste management for Chorley Council, said: “We have an excellent recycling record in Chorley, thanks to everyone’s efforts. However, we’ve found that the number of wrong items being placed in the wrong bin is on the increase.

“This has not really been an issue before as, unless the bin is badly contaminated with non-recyclable stuff, it has been emptied as usual. But recently rules have tightened which means that the recycling plant could reject loads that are contaminated which would ultimately have an impact on the cost of collections.”

The council believes that the reason for increased levels of contamination could be because the current collection system has been in place for six years and most residents believe they know what can be recycled in their blue bin; and the high levels of house building in the area has brought in more residents who may not be aware of what materials are collected for recycling.

Most people are aware that the blue bin is for plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars and food and drinks tins. But not all plastics can be recycled, just those marked 1 or 2 which are plastic bottles - not yoghurt pots, butter or margarine cartons, plastic carrier bags or plastic toys.

Councillor Lowe said: “We are trying to raise awareness with our Right Stuff, Right Bin campaign of what can and can’t be recycled to try and reduce the volume of contamination and it’s great to see that our messages are getting through.

“However, we still need to improve the quality of our recycling and we will continue to strive to make people aware of what they can and can’t recycle. If in doubt, leave it out and instead put it in the green refuse bin which is for all other household rubbish, or take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Lower Burgh.”

A full list of items that can be recycled and details of which containers to use can be found on the council’s website chorley.gov.uk/bins or you can call 01257 515151 for advice on waste and recycling.

Remember to look out for your 2016 recycling collection calendar which will be stuck to the side of your green refuse bin in December. This includes details of what you can recycle and the collection dates for the Christmas holiday season.