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Electoral registration dates

When you complete your application to be added to the electoral register, your name will only appear the next time the updated register is published, the qualification registration dates can be found below.

If you have completed your registration by Your will appear on the electoral register from
Monday 11 December 2023Tuesday 2 January 2024
Wednesday 10 January 2024Thursday 1 February 2024
Thursday 8 February 2024Friday 1 March 2024
Monday 11 March 2024Tuesday 2 April 2024
Monday 25 March 2024 *Friday 5 April 2024
Tuesday 16 April 2024 * Thursday 25 April 2024
Friday 10 May 2024Monday 3 June 2024
Friday 7 June 2024 Monday 1 July 2024
Wednesday 10 July 2024Thursday 1 August 2024
Friday 9 August 2024Monday 2 September 2024
Wednesday 8 November 2024Monday 2 December 2024
Wednesday 11 December 2024Thursday 2 January 2025

* Extra dates have been added due to the local election in May.

The amended register is not published in October and November due to the annual canvass.  If you have not completed your registration by Friday 9 August your name will only appear on the updated register published on Monday 1 December. 

If you have not yet registered to vote, view how to register to vote.

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