We are responsible for treating the weeds on public roads and footpaths. Weed treatment is currently carried out through either the application of herbicide, manual removal or the use of thermic hot air blowers. Herbicide application can only be undertaken on dry days with low wind speeds. If you notice any weeds on the road or pavement, then please report this to us.

Report weeds

Unadopted roads and pavements

We are not responsible for treating weeds on unadopted roads or pavements, responsibility for this usually rests with the developer. If you are unsure whether a road or pavement is adopted, then please view adopted roads on our mapping system. Once a road is selected on the mapping system, adopted roads are shown as 'A' with unadopted roads showing as 'U'

Invasive species

We recognise that invasive weed species such as: giant hogweed, Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed require controlling and we endeavour to do so on council land. This is usually undertaken through the application of herbicides either by spraying or stem injection depending on the location. Once we are aware of problem sites, we will schedule in repeated treatment to try to eradicate them. We also engage with community groups and volunteers to facilitate the removal of invasive species. 

We are not responsible for controlling invasive species on private land, this is the responsibility of the landowner.

If you notice invasive weeds species on council land, please report it to us.

Report weeds or invasive species

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