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Disposal of infected waste

We have issued guidance for residents to change the way waste is handled at properties where possible COVID-19 cases have been identified.

The advice is specifically for households who are currently self-isolating or households where 1 or more people have mild symptoms as identified by the recent national guidance.

​Household waste where possible must be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full. The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied.

No waste should be put in any bin less than 3 days before the bin is due to be collected. For example, if you have a rubbish bag that needs to go in your bin less than 3 days before collection, please store it in a suitable and secure place until the bin has been collected. Then place the bag in bin ready for the next collection.

This will ensure that if the virus is present on bin bags, there is sufficient time for the virus to die before our waste collection team handle it.

Bin collections are running as usual. View bin collection days for more information on when your bins are scheduled to be collected.

Please do not store rubbish bags in communal areas or on the street. Once the household's isolation has come to an end, waste collection can resume as normal.


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