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Air quality

Air Quality is a priority for us as it is an important factor in preserving and improving health and wellbeing and reducing harm to health.

Poor air quality contributes to both mortality and ill health in the population, reducing wellness.  

There is a financial burden on society as well as the damaging environmental impact on habitats. Therefore, any improvement has consequential benefits.

The principle pollutants of concern within Chorley are those mainly associated with traffic, these being Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter. 

The good news is that the monitoring and modelling data that has been collected and analysed over the last few decades demonstrates that the air quality in Chorley is compliant with the current National Air Quality Objectives. 

The legislative framework for meeting our Air Quality objectives is laid down by the Environment Act 1995. More recent documents, such as the Road to Zero and The Clean Air Strategy have provided insight into the government's future plans for both climate change and air quality. The Environment Bill includes proposals for air quality and will enact legislation to set new standards for the UK.

We produce an Icon for pdf Annual Status Report (ASR [1.27MB] which is submitted to DEFRA for approval. This report provides an annual update on air pollution monitoring results and trends, updating on the progress of measures being implemented across the borough to improve air quality, not just by us, but partners and outside agencies. 

View the latest Icon for pdf Annual Status Report (ASR [1.27MB].

We request air quality assessments for planning applications where the development may impact on air quality or where the development is close to an existing source of air pollution and may require mitigation measures as part of the planning conditions.

A key action for us and the neighbouring local authorities of Preston City Council and South Ribble Borough Council is the revision and updating of the Central Lancashire Local Plan.

The production of the new Central Lancashire Local Plan and our input into that process is an immensely important factor in shaping our communities for the future and ensuring sustainable development. 

Officers from all 3 authorities have been providing input and expertise in relation to air quality, with a particular focus on sustainable development, energy generation and conservation, alternative transport options and the infrastructure inclusions necessary to encourage behavioural change while still delivering economic growth. 

This ambitious plan will then support the individual authorities to implement planning guidance that seeks to minimise any negative impact of development on air quality and strive to improve air quality.

We work closely with Public Health colleagues at Lancashire County Council. Working with district councils, Lancashire County Council has an important role to play in taking action to reduce these health impacts of air pollution. Responsible for education, transport planning, network management, highway maintenance, public health and procuring local vehicle fleets, there are many ways Lancashire County Council supports local and county wide efforts to improve air quality. 



Please note that if you have a issue, now, which involves smoke from bonfires, chimneys, construction and demolition sites; emissions of dust / gases from industrial or commercial property, which effect you and your home, you can make a complaint.

View more information on how to make a noise and nuisance complaint.


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