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Corporate Strategy 2021

Corporate Strategy - Introduction

‚ÄčA refreshed Corporate Strategy was approved by Councillors at the full Council meeting on 16 November 2021.
The strategy addresses the economic impact of the pandemic on the borough and pledges ongoing support for businesses and activity to increase jobs and skills.
It also moves forward major developments and initiatives into their next phase of build or launch, creating key assets for the future.
These include the launch of the Astley Hall visitor experience, the opening of the Tatton Gardens Extra Care facility and the ongoing development of Strawberry Meadows - the new state of the art industrial hub. New initiatives such as development of affordable homes and improvements to community facilities are also on the cards along with a refresh of the economic development strategy.
Most importantly the strategy responds to the needs of communities, doing more for neighbourhoods right across the borough by enhancing essential services and facilities.
The Corporate Strategy identifies our key priorities as a council. These are:

  • Involving residents in improving their local area and equality of access for all
  • Clean, safe, and healthy homes and communities
  • A strong local economy
  • An ambitious Council that does more to meet the needs of residents and the local area

 Addressing climate change remains a key theme throughout the strategy and outlines specific council actions to encourage wider engagement and participation.

View  PDF version of the Corporate Strategy (PDF) [1MB]

Our Vision

A proactive community leader, supporting the borough and all its residents, whether in rural or urban areas, to reach their full potential through working in partnership to deliver services that achieve the best outcomes for local people and protect vulnerable people.

Committed to  making a greener Chorley.

An ambitious Council that does more to meet the needs of residents and the local area

We will:

  • deliver an even better customer experience and increase access to services for everyone
  • deliver street level improvements to ensure cleaner, greener streets and neighbourhoods across the borough
  • join up public services by working by working with our partners through the Chorley and South Ribble Partnership
  • deliver the future workplace strategy

Chorley will have:

  • a council that consults and engages with residents
  • an ambitious council that continually strives to improve
  • cohesive communities in and around our rural and urban areas

How we will measure progress:

  • % of households living in fuel poverty better than the North West average
  • 40% of service requests received online
  • less than 20% of customers dissatisfied with the service they have received from the council
  • 70% of residents satisfied with the way the council runs things
  • 60% of residents that feel Chorley Council provides value for money
  • 700 people referred to social prescribing, including Population Health Management

Involving residents in improving their local area and equality of access for all

We will:

  • launch Astley Hall attraction and visitor experience
  • lead activity to address climate change including tree planting
  • deliver actions to increase digital skills and access across the borough

Chorley will have:

  • residents who take pride in where they live and their achievements
  • residents who are all able to take an active part in their local and wider community
  • easy access to high quality public services, both face to face and online

How we will measure progress:

  • less than 3 SOA's in the worst 10%
  • 57% population with NVQ level 3 or above
  • 300 people attending digital skills sessions
  • 85% of people satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live
  • 25% of people who regularly participate in volunteering
  • 25% of people who feel they cannot influence decision making in their local area
  • people who participate in volunteering opportunity (as a result of an intervention by the employment service)
  • the number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of area aged 16-64

Clean, safe, and healthy homes and communities

We will:

  • open the Tatton Gardens extra care development and community facilities
  • work with partners and residents to improve local play and community facilities across the borough
  • deliver affordable housing within the borough

Chorley will have:

  • clean and safe streets
  • reduced health inequalities
  • a wide range of quality recreational activities
  • high quality affordable and suitable housing
  • high quality play areas, parks and open spaces in both urban and rural locations

How we will measure progress:

  • visits to the council leisure centres - baseline
  • 100 volunteer community groups supported to improve by the council
  • 100 affordable homes delivered
  • less than 150 long term empty properties in the borough
  • 15 parks, open spaces and playing pitches improved linked to strategy delivery
  • % of household waste sent for reuse,recycling or composting better than previous year
  • 70% satisfaction with street cleanliness
  • 90% of the population feeling safe during the day
  • 70% of the population feeling safe at night

A strong local economy

We will:

  • provide support for enterprise across the borough post COVID
  • refresh the Economic Development Strategy
  • complete the Town Centre projects including market renovations
  • delivery Strawberry Meadows employment site

Chorley will have:

  • vibrant Town Centre and Villages
  • a strong and expanding business sector across the whole of the borough
  • access to high quality employment and education opportunities across the borough

How we will measure progress:

  • overall employment rate greater than 80%
  • 200 projected jobs created through the council's support and intervention
  • 3% of 16 to 17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • 0.5% growth in business rate base
  • median workplace earnings in the borough better than North West average
  • earnings by place of residence better than the North West average
  • 2% increase in visitor numbers

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