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Chorley Residents' Survey 2021

resident survey results

Why we conduct resident surveys

Chorley Council is committed to listening to residents and conducts a biennial residents' survey to understand residents' opinions about aspects of the quality of life in your local area. Regular resident surveys provide feedback on what is most important to people and form a core element of the council's performance monitoring. The findings from the surveys support continuous improvement, provide context for policy development, inform service delivery and review

How we conducted the residents' survey

The council commissioned an independent survey provider to undertake a survey of residents on the following topics

  • Your Local Area
  • Life in Chorley
  • Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)
  • Environmental Issues

Questions relating to the 'Local Area' include core questions from LG Inform benchmarking (Data from the LG Inform is gathered using telephone methodology).

The survey was conducted online in November 2021. A total of 1,279 completed questionnaires were completed. The data from the survey has been weighted to be representative of the Chorley Council area by age, gender, and ward. The results of the survey are shown as a percentage of all the people that took part.


Resident's survey results

Perceptions of the council

  • 73% of residents are satis­fied overall with the way the Council runs things
  • 56% of residents agree that the Council provides value for money

Your local area

  • 86% said that overall, they are satisfied­ed with their local area as a place to live
  • 64% of residents felt safe when outside in their local area after dark
  • 92% of residents felt safe when outside in their local area during the day

Satisfaction with local services

  • Waste and recycling collection 83%
  • Parks and green open spaces 82%
  • Keeping public land clear of litter and refuse 67%
  • Sports and Leisure facilities 53% - 67% of residents considered themselves well informed about the services and benefits the Council provides

Residents considering themselves well informed about the services and benefits the Council was more prevalent in those ''wholly retired form work'

  • Wholly retired from work 74%
  • In part time employment 58%

Life in Chorley

Residents were asked to state the extent to which they would agree (A great deal/A fair amount) with the following statements about Chorley Council:

Chorley Council...

  • is making Chorley a better place to live - 78%
  • is easy to contact - 67%
  • is supporting things for families to do - 65%
  • has staff who are friendly and polite - 61%
  • is efficient and well run - 56%
  • is making my neighbourhood a better place to live - 54%
  • is making Chorley a better place for people to work - 46%
  • involves residents in decision making - 46%
  • listens to the concerns of local residents - 45%
  • supports appropriate housing for local people - 31%

Local Environment

Chorley Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is committed to a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

  • 78% of residents said that it is important that the Council and residents work to tackle climate change and its impact


The Council's Priorities 2022/23

In 2022/23 we will see further investment to drive forward ambitions for economic growth and ensure that Chorley is an even more attractive place to live, work and invest with high quality recreation grounds, business development, and enhanced essential services and facilities.

What you said...The Council is delivering...
53% of residents were satisfied with sport and leisure facilities
  • We are investing £2 million to improve our leisure centres across the borough

67% of residents were satisfied with keeping public land clear of litter and refuse services

Things you said needs most improving:

  • Litter and street cleaning
  • We will deliver a project to provide street level improvements to ensure cleaner, greener streets and neighbourhoods across the borough
31% of residents said that Chorley Council supports appropriate housing for local people
  • We are investing £878k to support the delivery of affordable housing within the borough
  • Open Tatton Garden Extra Care Development in November 2022 providing 62 assisted living apartments providing; affordable accommodation for the over 55's
  • The development will also include a new GP surgery, pharmacy, community café, community centre and recreations grounds

To move towards a 'greener' Chorley you said we should focus on:

  • Greener energy (e.g. wind turbines, solar panels)
  • Tree planting, including 'Tree Giveaways
  • We will invest 500k to deliver a project to address climate change, including planting 23,000 trees. Contributing toward the Council's commitment of being carbon neutral by 2030

Recovering from the pandemic you said you were most concerned for:

  • The mental and physical health of friends and family
  • The physical health of their friends and family
  • The economic wellbeing of friends and family
  • Investing £9.2 million in Strawberry Meadows employment
  • Invested £4 million in a new GP surgery in Whittle Le Woods
  • We will create £200k of grant funding to make improvements in other areas across the Borough, supporting our young people, health and wellbeing and local areas

View  results of the latest residents' survey (PDF) [1MB]


Other ways to have your say

You can find out about other ways you can have your say on our consultations webpage.

For more information about the resident's survey, please contact the Council's performance team at


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