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Pavement licensing

A Pavement Licence is a permission to place removable furniture on the highway adjacent to a premises for the purpose of consuming food or drink which has been purchased within the premises or to allow food or drink to be sold from the furniture.

To apply, download and complete the Application for a Pavement Licence (Word doc) [71KB] and email it to along with the following:

  • a plan in general, showing the location of the premises shown by a red line, so that the application site can be clearly identified. 
  • a plan in detail, showing the proposed area to be covered by the licence. This plan must show the position and number of proposed tables and chairs and any other items you wish to place on the highway. This plan should include measurements including, path width/ length, building width and any other fixed item within the area. 
  • Evidence of right to occupy the premises (eg. the lease)
  • photos or brochure extracts showing the furniture to be placed on the highway.
  • a copy of a current certificate of insurance that covers the activity for third party and public liability risks, to a minimum of £5 million cover.
  • A photograph of the Site notice (Word doc) [13KB] displayed at the premises. This template should be downloaded, completed and displayed in a prominent position at the premises where it can be conveniently read.

Provided all of the required information is received, the public consultation period will begin on the day after you send your application to us. This consultation period lasts for 14 days. The day after the final day of consultation, the determination period begins, which is also 14 days. 

We will not grant a licence unless the minimum footpath distances outlined in the Department for Transport's Inclusive Mobility Best Practice Guidance can be achieved. You should ensure that you proposal meets these requirements before submitting your application. 

Before applying, you should read our  pavement licensing policy (PDF) [522KB] . This policy sets out the design requirements, application documents and our stance on Pavement Licensing generally. You must ensure your application contains all of the required information or your application will be rejected. 


If you wish to place furniture which is not removable on the highway, you should apply for a pavement cafe licence, under the Highways Act 1980. Further information can be found in the  Pavement Cafe Licence Design Guide. (PDF) [1MB] .

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