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Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment

Any person who carries on licensable activity must do so under and in accordance with an authorisation. Licensable activities under the Licensing Act 2003 are:

  • supply of alcohol
    • sale by retail of alcohol
    • supply of alcohol for or on behalf of a member of a club
  • regulated entertainment
    • performance of live music
    • playing of recorded music
    • performance of a play
    • indoor sporting events
    • exhibition of a film
    • performance of dance
    • provision of boxing or wrestling
  • late night refreshment

In certain circumstances, entertainment is deregulated and so does not require an authorisation. Further information on when entertainment is deregulated.

View our statement of licensing policy (PDF) [825KB] .

New premises licence

View information on new premises licences

Licensing Act fees guidance

Licensing Act fees guidance

Temporary Event Notice

A Temporary Events Notice (TEN) is required if you intend to carry out licensable activity on unlicensed premises or wish to operate outside the terms of your existing premises licence. TEN'S relate to temporary events with less than 500 attendees.

Personal licence

Personal licences permit a person to authorise the supply of alcohol at premises licensed for that purpose.

Club premises certificate

View information on club premises certificates


View information on representations and how to make a representation

Pay annual licensing fee

Pay annual licensing fee.

Review a premises licence / club premises certificate

A review is an application to us to consider whether a particular premises is being conducted in accordance with their licence and the terms of the Licensing Act 2003, and to consider taking appropriate action.

Make changes to a premises licence/ club premises certificate

Make changes to a Premises Licence/ Club Premises Certificate

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