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Corporate Strategy 2022

Corporate Strategy - Introduction

A new and updated Corporate Strategy was approved at the full Council meeting on the 15 November 2022.

Our community has been through a huge period of disruption and its vital that we respond to make sure that the right services and support measures are in place to protect our borough. The new strategy puts greater focus on some of the big issues that have a major impact on wellbeing including housing, community facilities and access to good jobs as well as a thriving town centre. The new priorities are:

  • housing where residents can live well,
  • a green and sustainable borough,
  • an enterprising economy with vibrant local centres in urban and rural areas,
  • healthy, safe and engaged communities.

New projects will drive forward action to benefit residents and businesses in every area of Chorley. Our commitment to the environment and doing more to address climate change remain central to our plans over the coming years with key actions identified this year.

View  PDF version of the Corporate Strategy 2022 (PDF) [5MB]

Our Vision

Enabling strong communities, a resilient economy, excellent services, a greener future and successful people.

Housing where residents can live well

"Access to clean, safe and decent homes should be the starting point, not an aspiration"

Our commitment

  • deliver affordable and energy efficient housing
  • strive for good quality housing for all
  • work with partners supporting new ways to prevent homelessness
  • support our most vulnerable residents

We will

  • Deliver affordable housing - By developing and implementing a plan for development and acquisition
  • Deliver flexible housing solutions - To meet the needs of all communities
  • Open the extra care scheme at Tatton Gardens - To provide safe and secure self-contained accommodation for older adults Implement a home energy support scheme Including advice and energy saving measures
  • Deliver the Local Plan - To ensure sustainable future development and investment

Measuring success

  • number of long-term empty properties in the borough
  • % of households living in fuel poverty 
  • number of affordable homes delivered

A green and sustainable borough

"Green is about being responsible now for tomorrow's future"

Our commitment

  • work towards our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • support waste reduction, reuse and recycling
  • work with partners to retain natural habitats and improve air quality
  • promote sustainable transport and infrastructure

We will

  • Deliver natural green initiatives - Which includes tree planting, development of 'green corridors', and improvements to local natural habitats around our canals and waterways
  • Launch Sustainable Energy Package for Businesses - Providing support and advice on carbon reduction, including access to appropriate grant schemes
  • Improve our Council buildings - To create a modern environment and attractive work space to support the way we work
  • Develop use of green energy in the Borough - By exploring feasibility of green energy production in Chorley and deliver electric vehicle charging points
  • Deliver improvements to public transport networks - Including bus shelters and green shelters to enhance biodiversity

Measuring success

  • number of bus shelters Improved
  • number of trees planted
  • number of improvements to parks, open spaces and playing pitches linked to strategy delivery
  • % of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting

An enterprising economy with vibrant local centres in urban and rural areas

"Working with businesses and people to realise their potential"

Our commitment

  • support business growth and expansion across the borough
  • work with partners to support skills development and innovation
  • work with partners to promote the district as a visitor destination and attract investment in our local service centres
  • promote the green economy

We will

  • Open Strawberry Meadows - To provide a mix of office and light industrial space for new and existing businesses
  • Continue Development at Astley Hall - Undertaking renovation works to the wider hall complex and visitor experience
  • Launch a Skills and Jobs Programme - Focused on job creation in high growth sectors
  • Deliver improvements to local service centres - By enhancing local service centres across the borough, including the town centre

Measuring success

  • ​​​​​​​number of projected jobs created through Chorley Council support or intervention
  • the % of 16 to 17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • number of people who participate in a volunteering opportunity (as a result of an intervention by the Employment Service)
  • number of Business Engagements by the Council
  • growth in business rate base

Healthy, safe and engaged communities

"Across the borough communities have the tools and ability to achieve their best"

Our commitment

  • support and encourage active lifestyles and health and wellbeing
  • support development of leisure services and facilities meeting the needs of residents
  • deliver events and places to go for everyone
  • ensure all residents of all ages can access the services they need, physically and digitally
  • promote resilient, cohesive neighbourhoods by listening and responding 
  • work with partners to join up public services so that they make sense for everyone

We will

  • Increase digital connectivity in the rural areas -  By developing a scheme to improve broadband provision in targeted areas
  • Provide support for families and young people to start and live well - By enhancing our social prescribing service to support family and early years
  • Deliver the Cost of Living Action Plan - By providing a range of support and intervention including food and fuel poverty, debt and housing
  • Deliver a health and wellbeing programme - Working with local partners to include support around mental health as well as physical health
  • Deliver high quality, responsive council services - Implementing the Shared Property and Assets service, and to continue with our programme of improvement and transformation

Measuring success

  • the number of visits to council leisure centres
  • number of people referred to social prescribing, including Population Health Management
  • number of volunteer community groups supported to improve by the Council
  • % of service requests received online
  • % of customers dissatisfied with the service they have received from the Council
  • % increase in visitor numbers

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