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Waste and recycling

Bin collection days

View information on bin collection days. Please put your bins out on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day, collection times can vary.

Missed bin collections

Only report a missed bin collection after 3pm on your collection day, even if your bin is normally emptied before this time, as the waste crew may still be out collecting.

Bin collection issues

We publish updates about your waste and recycling collections here. Occasionally there may be delays or disruption to bin collections because of vehicle breakdowns or adverse weather conditions.

Garden waste collection service

We can collect your garden waste for a yearly charge of £32.50 per bin. If you do not subscribe and pay for this service, we will not be able to collect your garden waste.

New, lost, stolen or damaged bins

You can order new, replacement or additional bins. There is a charge of £30 per bin. Bins are usually delivered within 10 working days.

Unused or abandoned bins

View how to report unused or abandoned bins left on the street

Large item collections

If you have got household rubbish that is too big for your bin such as an old fridge, television, mattress, or chair then we can collect it.

Help putting your bins out

We can provide an assisted collection service if you need help to put your bins out for collection.

Additional green bins

You can apply for an additional green bin if you think you do not have enough space for your non-recyclable household waste.

Fly tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish or bulky items on land not licensed for this purpose. If you notice any fly tipping please report it to us.


In addition to providing litter bins we also carry out litter picking. It is important that everyone takes responsibility for improving the environment by using the litter bins provided. If you do notice any littered areas, then please report this to us

Litter and dog bins

All town centre litter bins are emptied at least twice a week. All other litter bins are emptied at least once a week. If you see a full litter bin that needs emptying, you can report it to us online

Dropped needles and syringes

We will remove needles and syringes from the pavement or public open spaces and make sure that they are disposed of appropriately.

Clinical waste and sharps collection

We provide a domestic clinical waste collection service to households in the borough which require it.

Tips and recycling centres

Recycling centres are operated by Lancashire County Council (LCC).

Waste and recycling information

Thank you for recycling your waste. View information on recycling in 2020

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