Sign up to garden waste subscription year 2024-2025

Subscriptions run from 1 May to 30 April every year. The collection of garden waste for 2024-2025 is £37.50 per bin. 

How to subscribe to garden waste service

You will need to sign up to subscription year 2024-2025 to use this service. 

If you pay by Direct Debit, you will not need to do anything. You will receive advance notice of your direct debit and when this will be claimed prior to April 2024.

For non-Direct Debit payments, you can subscribe using the garden waste subscription form.

Sign up to garden waste subscription year 2024-2025

More than one subscription

If you want more than one subscription, but only have one bin at present, we will provide an additional bin. Note: this must be requested during the subscription process.

Terms and conditions

See garden waste collection service terms and conditions for full terms and conditions on our subscription service.

If your grey bin is damaged and needs replacing

Please let us know by completing a general enquiry form or contact us on 01257 515355.


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