It is essential that we effectively monitor performance against our objectives, as this allows us to:

  • understand how we are progressing against our priorities
  • shape service performance improvement
  • inform decision making
  • inform our strategies and ensure we focus our resources where they are most needed
  • empower local people and be accountable and transparent for our performance.

Throughout the year we deliver a number of reports detailing our performance.

Quarterly performance reports

Performance reports are produced on a quarterly basis to monitor our performance against the projects and performance indicators within the Corporate Strategy 2023/24. This is done in order to inform Elected Members through Executive Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Quarterly Report 2021/2022 Q1

Quarterly Report 2021/2022 Q2

Quarterly Report 2021/2022 Q3

Quarterly Report 2022/2023 Q1

Quarterly Report 2022/2023 Q2

Quarterly Report 2022/2023 Q3

Quarterly Report 2022/2023 Q4

Quarterly Report 2023/2024 Q1

Quarterly Report 2023/2024 Q2

Annual report

The Annual Report 2022-2023 provides an overview of the activities and achievements undertaken over the year and outlines the key steps we have taken to ensure that we continue to deliver our vision and priorities as an organisation. The report also looks ahead to the next financial year and outlines the work we will undertake to ensure that the we continue to meet our corporate priorities.

Corporate Performance Framework

We recognise that effective performance management is critical and the Corporate Performance Framework helps provide clarity on how performance management works. It is an essential toolkit for staff across the council, including what needs to be accomplished and what is required of services, teams and individuals in order to continue to deliver high quality services and achieve the strategic vision.

As part of shared services with South Ribble Borough Council, we have developed a Corporate Performance Framework in order to ensure consistency across the councils.

Performance focus - Overview and Scrutiny Performance Panel

The Performance Panel meets quarterly to look at the council's performance and ask Executive Members questions about their service areas. At this meeting, directorate level performance focus reports are presented. View more information on the committee and the calendar of meetings. The most recent performance focus reports are available below:

Commercial Services (March 2021)

Customer and Digital (June 2021)

Planning and Development (October 2021)

Policy and Governance (December 2021)

Communities (January 2022)

Commercial and Property (March 2022)

Customer and Digital (July 2022)

Commercial and Property (September 2022)

Policy and Governance (December 2022)

Communities (January 2023)

Planning and Development (March 2023)

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