Before reporting a missed bin collection please read the below information and make sure: 

  • your bin was out by 7am on your collection day
  • you have checked when your collection day is
  • the correct bin was left out for collection
  • your bin lid was closed. Overfilled bins will not be collected, and bags of waste left next to the bins will not be picked up
  • your bin did not have any wrong items in it that should be in a different bin. If this happens, we will leave a tag on your bin explaining why it has not been collected. Check what goes in each bin for more information.
Report a missed bin collection

When to report a missed bin collection

  • only report a missed bin collection after 4pm on your collection day, even if your bin is normally emptied before this time, as the waste crew may still be out collecting
  • we will only return to empty your bin if it is reported as missed within 2 working days after your collection day
  • our bin crews record any bins that are not presented for collection, are too heavy or contain the wrong items
  • if your bin has not been emptied for any of the reasons above, we will not return to empty your bin until your next scheduled collection day. In the meantime, you can take any excess waste to a recycling centre.

Report a missed bin collection

If it is our mistake that your bin has not been emptied, please let us know and we will return to collect it within 2 working days.

Report a missed bin collection

Collection issues

Sometimes there are issues that mean we cannot collect some bins or bin collections may be delayed. All delays to collections are shown on our collection issues page. Please view current collection issues for more information.

Help putting your bins out

If you are elderly or registered disabled and do not have anyone who can help to put your bins out for you, please view the assisted collections page for more information on how we can help.

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